Dear Self

How are you?

Who are you?

What have you become and why?

Are you happy with yourself? Why or why not?

You can’t change what you have done before this moment

It is something you have done still unresolved?

Holding you back?

Keeping you down?

Preventing you from moving forward

And becoming who you’d like to be, who you should be?

Take a look. What do you see?

Don’t stay long

Make note of the thorns you have driven deep

Into your sides and into the sides of others.

Are they still suffering? Are you?

Maybe you can’t change or heal their pain or your own

Is there something not yet revealed?

What’s kept hidden in your darkness

That if let go could possibly set them or yourself free?

Now is the time.

Stop the madness.

Give yourself worth and maybe you will find hope.

You’ve killed your past, but are here in your present

You have the power and the will right now to save your future.


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