December 19, 2009 @ 7:30 PM

I used to keep a journal and I wrote quite a lot. I need to start again for more than one reason. But the most important of these are that shortly before Mom passed away, she agreed that I should write one page a day and that at the end of one year, I would have at least 365 pages to work with to get a book started. I have started a book, but need some other ideas to write about. I need to learn how to write short stories before I can successfully write a complete novel. So, I am starting to write a journal now and see what comes out of it.

Of course, the trick is going to be writing in it every day and writing when I have something stirring in my mind. I had a great idea brewing at once about a span of time in my life told from the point of view of my pillow. I didn’t get up and jot down some the juicy thoughts that would have prompted the writing when I was ready. I have just recently tried to get it down and though the little that I have written came out pretty good, I can’t seem to conjure up what I had going before to get the whole idea flowing the way I want it to. I realize that I am too lazy to jump up out of bed, which is when I have my best creative ideas, and power up the computer and start pecking away, but I must get into the habit of keeping paper and pen right next to my bed so I can grab that and jot down at least some key words.

Ok, well, right now, I’ve got nothing, but I did get the journal started and that is a good first step. Clearly not a full page, but chances are good that I will be back before the bell chimes in the new day.


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