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I have only just recently started blogging, not even a week ago now, and I have, in the interim, been reading books about what blogging is, how to blog, how to get the most out of your blog, the dos and don’ts in blogging, etc. I have also read a lot of different things on the internet while surfing, as they say (who are “they” and where do I sign up?), here and there looking for information or inspiration, or sometimes as an act of revenge on my insomnia. The history of how blogging got started is pretty interesting, and it has grown by leaps and bounds. I have always wanted to write a book and have it published, and have learned that writing a blog can go a long way in helping me realize that dream.

I have read that you should be careful what you divulge in your writing and to remember that once you publish your post, it goes out to anyone and everyone on the internet, millions of people at the very least (I wish! Available, yes, read by, hardly.) I have, already, published several things that tell very personal details of my life. This, I have been told, can be a risky thing to do, as potential future employers not only are among the millions who have access, but will, in many cases, especially if you have applied for a position with their company, utilize that access to size you up. I do, and will continue to share things about me, such as my previous drug addiction, struggles with my children and what being caught in the web of “the system” was like, being homeless, being in a very abusive relationship, and having sought out professional therapy to confront and overcome the effects of these and other events that I was unsure how to do on my own.

I believe these things are important for people to know and that they are equally important for me to share. I cannot tell you how many stories, movies, music performances, or the occasional glimpse into the intensity of ballet has touched me and given me strength because seeing and hearing the experiences of others has ensured me I am not, nor will I ever be alone in this world. Granted, not all individuals in charge of making hiring decisions are educated enough to realize that these experiences are what brought me to where I am today. And not all of them can see that, in surviving, conquering, and overcoming both the mud pies that life has thrown at me and the puddles I made the mistake of jumping head first into, says a lot more about me than a compact, one-page resume can. It shows that I am a fighter and that I don’t give up. It shows that I am strong, determined, and successful and that I not only set goals, but I achieve them successfully. It shows that I have heart and I have character and that I am passionate about people and their well-being. I have said it before and I will say many times over; mistakes are my greatest asset. For without them, I would be quite a bore, because I would never change, and I always strive to change for the better.

I have also read the many ways to get your blog to be noticed, discovered, interested in, and the like. Adding tags and similar sites or stories to each of your posts is one way and linking to the many other popular venues, such as twitter, Facebook, Google, yahoo, windows live, or LinkedIn to which you have an account is another way. I have also found that texting my blog address to everyone in my phone and posting it directly to my status on Facebook and twitter has also brought my blog a bunch of attention. If you post comments on others’ blogs and/or link stories from your own blog to similar stories on theirs, you will be putting yourself in more places and increase your chances of being checked out.

Staying consistent is also key. Being sure to post something new every day eventually builds a reputation that one will always find something more to read, and if they have liked what they have read before, they will keep coming back. I know, because there are several blogs that I regularly visit and I really enjoy the smattering of new ideas posted by those with intelligent and creative minds. Some are informational, some are inspirational, some are just downright funny, while others just give you pause and really make you think about things that have never crossed your mind before. There is a sense of connection and camaraderie that fosters admiration and respect for your fellow humans.

The one question that I have seen come up more than any other is, why do people blog? I have also seen that this is something everyone likes to answer as well. There are a lot of similar reasons, but the diversity of the rest are as unique as the blogs themselves. I have chosen to blog for three different reasons, all equally important to me. The first is that I enjoy writing and I have been doing so for quite a long time now. I write, and then I file it. So many words on so many pages and no one but me to read them. Blogging provides me with an opportunity to share, rather than hide them away in a file on my computer. Secondly, writing about things that are dear to my heart or cause me to put some deep thought into an idea, is not only therapeutic for me, but I learn so much from my own thoughts when I can get them down on paper and organize them collectively. And, as I have mentioned before, I have been told that blogging can, more than anything else, increase my chances, once I finish writing the book I have been working on, of getting it published. I once belonged to a group of women writers who met once bi-weekly and there would, on occasion, be a guest speaker, and usually they were accomplished authors. Of all the suggestions and advice we were given by these individuals, blogging is the one I most remember.

In conclusion, if you are reading my blog, please comment, as this will not only help me, but will help you as well. Ratings are always good too and easy to do, if you don’t want to comment. At least this way, I will know what it is people are most interested in reading and will be sure to provide lots of material in the categories that are most popular. So, to my friends, family, potential future employers, professors, fellow students, and anyone who likes to read, wants to learn, or is just bored or killing time, welcome and enjoy!



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