Gotta Love Hillary Clinton

Senator Hillary Clinton gave a wonderful speech at the Human Rights Campaign board meeting in Washington DC on March 2nd, 2007. Once introduced to the audience, she began by thanking the many individuals and organizations who support and are working on making profound changes in the equality of all humans. She recognized the audience as being included in those who were making a difference, and acknowledged their accomplishments to date. She made a personal connection with her audience by adding a little humor when she realized that her initials were the same as the cause she was speaking for, HRC. She gained the attention of the audience with her passion, confident determination, and detailed knowledge of what she intended to present.

Senator Clinton’s speech was one to inform. Clearly her audience did not need to be convinced or persuaded. She spoke openly and without reservation, emphasizing key words that aided in making her points clear, and pausing for effect. These main points were easily recognizable, well supported, and strongly reinforced. She accomplished this by very systematically telling her audience where this country was in regards to human equality when this fight first started, where we are today, where we should be, where we are going, and how we are going to get there. She made a solid declaration that the senate was NOT going to write discrimination of any kind into our constitution.

Senator Clinton also included her personal experiences in having spent many years working with children and families and seeing firsthand the hope and desperation in the eyes of children needing families. She firmly insisted on repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Policy, as it has compromised our country during this time of war due to unfair and unfounded discharges. And finally, she spoke specifically of the stiffer penalties and punishments that will be given to those who commit hate crimes. Her conclusion was overall a summary of her speech and a reaffirmation that she will not stop fighting until we were victorious in this war of human discrimination, and human equality was fully attained. Senator Hillary Clinton accomplished a lot in 15 minutes and after hearing her speech. Speaking for myself, she made a huge impact and her speech was extremely effective.


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