Some of My First Paintings



2 responses to “Some of My First Paintings

  1. I really love your style of painting, its so unique, I’ve always found it difficult to find my own particular style and im still exploring with it to date. I wonder where you get your inspiration from for your paintings, are they places that are close to where you live or straight from your imagination?

    • First and foremost, that you are able to discern a “style” that seems to be uniquely my own is very exciting to hear! It is difficult for me to say, specifically, where my inspiration comes from, because in a lot of cases, it comes from different places. My classes start on Monday, so my posting will slow down quite a bit; however, I will work on writing about when and how I began painting and share a lot of where my ideas come from. Actually, I may get a couple of stories out it, so stay tuned, ok?

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