Time Stands Still

A kiss? No, not really. More a whisper of lips brushing lightly, followed by that first, sharp intake of breath.

Gentle hands caressing skin so soft it’s almost as if it’s not there, until the goose flesh rises, betraying its existence.

Fingertips trembling over a path the tongue will soon follow, triggering surging shivers in ripples to places unknown.

Touching and tracing, tasting and teasing, exploring and discovering, giving and taking, memorizing every inch.

Reaching inside, penetrating the vulnerable openness, connecting body and soul, discovering depths of warm, wet satin and melting in spite of strength.

The sweet flavor, the scent of heat, the song of moaning praising in approval, and the moment that control is lost is overwhelming.

Finally, sliding in deep, moving so slowly to prolong the magic as long as possible, filling completely, and then taking it back.

Hips rising and falling, finding a steady rhythm, moving in perfect sync with shallow breathing, both increasing of their own accord.

Blue eyes moist with tears of passion, begging for eternity, mesmerized, hypnotized, and rewarded.

Sensitive nipples between firm lips, pressing in deeper, searching for the electric shock of clamping teeth.

Biting down, testing the limits of their soft surface versus the hardness within, born from the intensity of touch and the excitement that follows.

Timid tenderness gives way to tremendous tremors of urgency as suddenly, an explosion like a grand finale of fireworks, booming, bursting, sizzling.

A beauty so amazing, so incredible, so spectacular and just when it seems like it’s over, time stands still.

Waves of pleasure wash over and crash through without mercy, ultimately binding two beings into one.

Is it the end? No, it’s just the beginning…


2 responses to “Time Stands Still

    • Hi Sue! Thank you. Yes, I did write this, brought it to a writing group I belonged to back in Portland, OR, and with some good critiquing from very talented writers, I came up with the finished poem that I published here. Happy to hear about the imagery, as that was my overall intention!

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