Just Me, #2

Hello Readers,

I am writing to apologize for not posting more in the early morning hours as I had intended. I did write several emails, took my bath, and then sat and attempted to help out with a few puzzle pieces, but it is a 1,000 piece puzzle, and though I love doing them, this one is a little out of my league. When I returned to my computer, I first clicked on the stats bar at the top of my home page to see how many of you came to visit me, and randomly chose to click on the help tab, as each page has this and each one has a different listing of categories that I have found useful and interesting. On the stats page, one of the categories is “traffic” and I immediately clicked to see what I could learn about increasing the chances of becoming better known to as many as possible.

Yes, I am interested in increasing my own popularity, but I am also equally interested in reaching as many readers as possible, for their sake. I thoroughly enjoy writing, and though I am not an expert writer by any means, I do believe I do well enough to hold my own, and truly want others to enjoy what I have written as much as I have enjoyed writing them. So, I set out to follow as many of the suggestions that were provided as I could. I am not computer savvy, so this took quite a bit of time for me to figure out and implement, but I believe I am now a little easier to find by quite a few more options to those looking for the types of things I write about. Wish me luck!

I didn’t get to bed until after 4 AM, but then slept all day. I have not done that in quite a long time, but I must have really needed the rest, and I do feel fantastic for it. As I have mentioned, my classes for the spring semester at Penn State University begin tomorrow, however, when I checked the class site (I take all my classes online, at this time) one of the classes was open and I have already begun to get acquainted with what I can expect in the coming four months. There is a survey request and one of the questions on the survey is why I am taking this class, “Religious Studies,” (we will be studying many religions from around the world) and I am very excited about answering this question. Who knows? I may post part of what I write in my answer here, as I believe that the cure to ignorance is education and accurate knowledge, and I feel it is important for anyone and everyone to at least think about the validity of this reality.

So, I am off to do some writing for my class, but I have a couple of things I really want to post this evening, and on one of them in particular, I am hoping to get some feedback. So, please do return when you have a moment, and help a girl out?



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