Time and Stress Management

Two things are essential to surviving and succeeding in college, in the workplace, and in the home. They are stress management and time management. Stress management and time management may be perceived as two different things…stress and time; but they may also be viewed as one and the same. Too much or not enough of either or both of them can be directly related to the other.

Stress management is the ability to not only recognize the causes of stress, but also to interpret the emotions involved and redirect its effects on one’s self in a positive, healthy manner. Learning to anticipate and being prepared to overcome these causes is the key to stress management. You must be able to manage stress in order to survive.

Time management is, over all, a matter of control. To fully and completely utilize every minute of every day in a way that allows one to not only accomplish that which is needed, but also some or all of that which is wanted as well. In doing so, one feels a sense of control. Success in all areas of one’s life is dependent on managing time wisely and efficiently.

A person under stress can easily find themselves lacking the motivation needed to get things done, therefore giving themselves an abundance of time. However, depending on the level of stress, one may be over motivated and not have enough time to do all they believe needs to be done. It can also be said that a person with too much free time can eventually begin to stress over the lack of something to occupy that time. On the other hand, someone who feels there is never enough time in a day can become stressed over what they will or will not be able to accomplish. The managing of time and the managing of stress go hand in hand. Managing one is necessary to effectively manage the other.

A good strategy for managing stress is by getting things done in a timely manner, asking for help when it is needed, and taking care of yourself. To manage time, make lists, prioritize, and stay on schedule. You will learn that if you get off track, there is the potential that stress will overwhelm you, and if you allow that to happen, you will waste valuable time, not planned for, trying to conquer the stress. As with anything else, this takes practice, but if you put forth the effort, and remain consistent, eventually time and stress management will become routine and you will not only survive all that comes your way, you will, without a doubt, succeed.

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