A Continuum of Love

Love is an act and it is an emotion.

Love is something we do and something we feel.

Love is a blessing and it is a curse, a duty, and a gift.

Love can make us do things we never would do in its absence.

Love can lead us astray or put us right where we need to be.

Love can be tender and gentle

Love can be tough in order to get a point across or a lesson learned.

Love can create bliss or can be excruciatingly painful.

Love can save and it can destroy.

Love can be used as an excuse or

Love can make sense of things that otherwise wouldn’t.

Love is a cure or can become a disease.

Love can be given and it can be taken away.

Love can be shared among many

Love can be hoarded and controlling.

Love can set you free and it can bind you helplessly.

Love is liberating and it is debilitating, is boundless  and paralyzing.

Love can bring you happiness or it can cause you misery.

Love can give you a desire to live it can be the start of your demise.

Love can combine two souls into one or can shatter one soul into fragments.

Love is as simple as it is complex.

Love costs nothing and can cost you everything.

Love can blind you and it can give you insight or seen in hindsight.

Love can shake you to the core or melt you into a puddle.

Love can seek and find and it can run away and hide.

Love is in our memories, our decisions, our successes and our failures.

Love can become hot and steamy and it can turn cold as ice.

Love can make things right with the world and it can turn your world upside down.

Love can be honored and it can be manipulated.

Love is for fools.

Love is for everybody.

Love is universal.


6 responses to “A Continuum of Love

    • Thank you. It turned out a lot longer than I had intended, but once I started writing it, all of my own experiences came flooding forward. This was one that was truly written from my the depths of my soul.

    • Thank you. It has been painfully true for me. I love what I have read on your blog, so far. I will spend more time there soon, as your interests seem to be similar to mine. I have also added you to my blogroll. I really appreciate the compliment!

    • I believe this can be said about all love in general, whether between parents and children, between friends, or between lovers. For me, I have known all of these things in love, and then some. I wrote this from the depths of my soul’s true experiences. If only we would give as much as we get and could get as much as we give…

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