Just Me, #3

Hello Fans, Followers, Fellow Bloggers, and All Welcome Visitors,

Writing has been very good for me. It has helped keep my anxiety down and it has motivated me to get all my school assignments done in order to have time to write more. Everything I have written and continue to write is from my own experiences, all of it true, and nothing of fiction to date. If and when I find the courage to create a story that is of my imagination, I will add a “Fictional Detours” to my list of categories. Until then, my head and my heart provide me with enough material to keep me busy.

I really want to attract more readers, and so, I have posted on my Facebook page a request for any topics that others may be interested in reading about. So far, I have had no responses. If you have something you are interested in reading more about, list it in the comments and I will write something about it. I write for the joy of writing, but I also want to share my joy with those who are willing to take just a moment of their time to read some, or all, of the things I have written. If you like a story, please repost it…Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or what have you. If you like several of my posts, please add me to your blogroll. I will return the favor upon request.

All the nerves I experienced with the new semester has been for not. I have been going through my four classes and doing all that is required pretty smoothly. My classes this semester are Religious Studies (studying various religions from around the world), an English class that is focused on writing in the Social Sciences, Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology. This coming week, I have a paper to write, a proposal to write, hundreds of pages to read in three different texts and some online articles chosen by the varying instructors, and quizzes on all of the reading material. I also have discussion boards to keep up with, both in reading what everyone else is discussing, and also putting in my two cents worth.

I have a project I have to work on this semester that requires me to be dependent on five other students. That is a little scary, but with any luck, I will have a good team and we will all contribute equally and come up with something sensational. I also have to submerge myself into a subculture and learn all I can about them and do a variety of assignments around what I learn. That will be fun. Horse stables or the little local theatres here in the Pocono Mountains are my two top choices. We shall see which one I choose and what their culture entails. I am sure I will include some of my writings here on my blog.

I do wish there was more time in a day. I am itching to paint, finish a latch hook pillow for my son, learn to play the piano (I have a keyboard in my room and a former music teacher as a roommate who really wants to teach me), and among the 30 or so books I have on my shelf that I am dying to read, the two that I am barely keeping myself from picking up are Rubyfruit Jungle and Ragtime. I know once I start reading, I won’t stop and that can and will interfere with the time I need to stay on track with my classes.

Oh! And yesterday, I was able to view the available classes for summer semester and I think I have chosen the classes I will take. There is a math class that is required prior to taking Psychology 200, which is statistics in psychology. I must take the statistics class and pass it before I can apply to the Psychology Department for my major, so I will take the math class. Three natural science classes are required and I took Horticulture last semester and will take Astronomy next semester. For my third and final science class, I am hoping to take something in regards to Geology, but if not, then I will check out an introduction to Physics class. I am also required to take a speech class, as they would not allow the one I took at the community college to transfer. Too bad too, because I got a B in that class, and I do NOT want to take speech again. As it is for most people, I do not like to speak publicly. Fortunately, this is an online class, therefore, I will do my speeches via webcam and upload them for my instructor to view. Still…Bleh! For my final class this summer, I will most likely take a Women’s Studies class. There are two, so I want to take the one studying women in Humanities and the Arts. All of that will complete my first YEAR at Penn State. Wow! I am really impressed with myself!

It is now time for me to refresh my coffee and get to reading the chapters in Developmental Psychology so I can prepare to take the two quizzes, check in with the discussion boards, and then I will be back to write more. I just hope I get some suggested topics from my Facebook.

Happy Reading!



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