Just Me, #4

Hello Loyal Fans and New Visitors,

I do not even know how long it has been since I posted, but I do know it has been too long. For this I apologize. It started with a very dear friend of mine passing away from the disease of addiction. That was not only a shocker, but an eye-opener. I spent a lot of time contacting friends I haven’t spoken to since I moved to Pennsylvania and I also decided I needed to step up my own recovery. As a result, I have been spending a lot of time in recovery groups online, getting and giving suggestions and reminding myself that I am  not alone.

Though I have been needing this type of interaction, I have allowed it to consume most of my time and I have gotten behind in my studies. So, when I am not talking to fellow addicts/alcoholics, I am working like a mad woman trying to get all of my week’s assignments done. Tonight, I am just too tired and need to allow myself to rest. I will get up early, tackle what I have left to do, check in with my groups, and probably get some more rest. My goal is to have my entire Sunday free to write several posts to make up for the many days that I wrote nothing.

Please do not get bored with my blog or lose interest. I will find a balance and make every effort to not let so much time pass in between postings. I appreciate those of you who are following me and who do read anything new I write. I do have something sitting in my drafts that truly calls for my attention, and so it will the first thing I finish and post on Sunday. I will also take some time to post comments on the wonderful writings of the blogs I follow, so keep your eyes peeled.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,



3 responses to “Just Me, #4

  1. Hello, Cindy, I think you tackle a lot of important and difficult issues on your blog. Keep up the good work! Is there a way I can contact you to send you the delicious recipe I promised? Thank you for visiting and supporting Assia’s Kaleidoscope!

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