My Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award -via Kellie See!

The Versatile Blogger Award
Image by nhighberg via Flickr

Wow! I am truly blown away and deeply honored to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by an equally amazing blogger, Kellie See! Thank you so much for finding me worthy of this award, and for posting a most important source of information of what I am to do next. In following the instructions from the link above, here are, first, seven things about me:

1. I am a recovering addict.

2. I am a student at Penn State University.

3. My favorite cake is carrot cake.

4. My favorite thing to do is write.

5, I love music of all kinds.

6. I miss my mother who passed away on August 1, 2009 and I miss my little sister, who is currently not speaking to me.

7. I aspire to become a Doctor of Psychology.

Now I will list the top 15 blogs I follow closely on a regular basis. These are really great blogs and if you want to check any of them out, all you have to do is click…their blog will open in a new window.

1. Goin’ To The Dogs Of New York

2. Reclusewritings

3. Written Words Never Die

4. Lynn Munoz

5. Kitty bloger

6. Aaron Leaman

7. FicFaq

8. Philnensia

9. mosesjunkyard

10. allaboutlemon

11. Indulge- Travel, Adventure, & New Experiences

12. The Thought Exchange

13. The Kreen of the Crop

14. Sober and Sexy for Life

15. LGBT Latest Science

On a final note, though this may not be customary, and I am uncertain if I can pass the award onto more than 15, I do feel very strongly that these blogs, the newest I have started following as a result of getting this award, are definitely worth mentioning.

1. Seasons Change, and Change…

2. bipolarmuse

3. It’s Just One Aspect

Thank you, everyone, for following and supporting my blog. Keep coming back, keep reading, and keep writing!


7 responses to “My Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Dear Cindy,

    I am thankful that you have visited me and, forgive me, I’m blushing right now, you’ve have included me in your awarded blogs list. If I have one wish now, it is to pray you have a lot of success in your endeavors. I admire you for being able to recover from addiction. I had an almost similar problem in the past, so I feel how it’s like with you. Keep it up so that you can share your positive direction to everyone! I’m happy for you.

    I think carrot cake sounds delicious.

    I think your current study in attaining a Doctorate in Psychology is very cool. I am taking Master’s in Anglo-American Literature myself, and, good luck to both of us!

    My prayers to your Mom, I’m sure she’s smiling from Heaven on you!

    Take care always, ay? I’ll be back, promise. I love the freshness of your style and your candor.

    • Thank you very much! I appreciate your support and very nice comments. Anglo-American Literature, WOW! That is fantastic. Yes, good luck to you! Since my birthday is coming up in about 9 more days, I hope to be eating a lot of carrot cake with my family and friends! And again, thank you!

  2. Dear Cindy,
    Congratulations on winning this award and thank you for thinking of me – I happily accept.
    Thank you also for the encouragement and am pleased to have made your visits to my blog enjoyable.
    Peace, Eric

  3. Wooooowwwww Thank you Cindy and a HUGE HUGE CONGRATS on the nomination….. Love you girl and you are such an inspiration. Go get that degree girl…<3

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