Versatile Awards #2 AND #3

As one of my lovely fans has already pointed out, I do love and use quite frequently, I have decided to share a little trivia to give this post a little something extra. The following is the origin of the word “Versatile.”

Versatile: 1605, from L. versatilis “turning, revolving, moving, capable of turning to varied subjects or tasks,” from pp.[prepositional phrase] stem of versare “keep turning, be engaged in something, turn over in the mind,” frequentative of vertere “to turn” (

Ah! Now that is better. With this, you will better understand why Troy and Jen have chosen me as one of their nominees (oh, my! I am usually not this humble. Honest!)

I am getting ahead of myself. Just keep reading.

I have been nominated not once, but twice, for the Versatile Blogger Award by two bloggers whom I follow and who follow me. One nomination came from someone I have been following for quite some time and who I have a lot of respect for; Troy of life.aisle. Please do check out his blog! He is very inspiring, informative, and if you take the time to read things he has written, you will learn things you never would have expected.

The second nomination came from a blog I have only just recently started to follow, but after reading just a few of her posts, I discovered that, she too, writes and shares things that are inspiring and informative. She, a child of an alcoholic; me, an addict mother of my children. Fortunately, I have entered recovery, been here for a few years, and as a result, I get to do some amazing things, like go to college, write a blog, a—you guessed it! I also get to read the blogs of others, such as Step On A Crack…Or Break Your Mother’s Back, written by Jen, and learn so much more about myself and others who struggle with this life-ruining disease! Some truly fascinating reading, I assure you!

Thank you life.aisle and Step On A Crack…Or Break Your Mother’s Back for nominating me for this really cool award! It is deeply appreciated, not to mention motivating. You like what you see, so I just will continue posting to ensure you keep coming back!

The customary rules are:

    1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award and share a link to their blog.
    2. List 7 things about yourself.
    3. Select 15 bloggers or sites that you regularly follow or find interesting and nominate them for the versatile blogger award.
    4. Tell the 15 bloggers that you have nominated them.

Seven things about me are:

    1. I drink way too much coffee and know this because, other than the obvious (I drink an average of two pots a day), the other day when we were out of coffee, I had the hardest time focusing on my homework. Not good. Not good at all!
    2. I love music and want very badly to learn how to play the piano and/or the violin. I live with two women, one of which has been a professional musician for 30 years, has more instruments than I have ever seen in one location, is willing, and even eager to teach me, but…alas, I just do not have the time.
    3. I have absolutely no confidence in my writing abilities, so I avoid doing it at all costs (both for school and for pleasure) until I get the first sentence typed and then it takes cheesecake, sheer exhaustion, or an army of 10 strong and sexy women to pull me away (as you will see when I post my next subculture assignment—7,000 words, and with revisions, very likely even longer.
    4. One of my most favorite things to do is to lie out in the sun near the pool and so this winter, though so much milder than most for this area, is driving me batty!
    5. My boys are in Washington and are doing well and I am in Pennsylvania, and am also doing well, but man, oh, man, do I miss my babies! (Ok, so they are 19 and 14 years old, but if you are a mother, you will know what I mean when I say, they will ALWAYS be my babies!)
    6. I love bubble baths! As a matter of fact, I am seriously considering indulging in one as soon as I get this posted.
    7. I desperately need a job, as these financial aid loans are just not cutting it. Donations to my living expenses are welcomed and appreciated.

My 15 nominations are:

          1. Reflections…By Kathy
          2. News of My Bipolar Brain
          3. Mortal Hearts with Immortal Souls
          4. bipolarmuse
          5. Written Words Never Die
          6. Subhan Zein
          7. FiftyFourandAHalf
          8. Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary
          9. Freedom to a Full Life
          10. Maggiemaeijustsaythis
          11. strawberriesandoranges
          12. >The Great Escape<Life from behind a lens
          13. Haphazard Linkages
          14. Shannon Howell
          15. Foodimentary

These are some truly amazing blogs! I really mean that. I have taken my time and really chose blogs that I thought all of you could really gain from. So, please, honor all of my work and check out each and every one of these blogs. You will not be disappointed!


21 responses to “Versatile Awards #2 AND #3

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  3. Thanks for the nomination, I will get around to posting my award as soon as possible, there have been internet issues at our house for the past 2 days and I’m trying to catch up on all my reading and posting today, although I lost the entire day yesterday waiting on the internet guy,
    I truly appreciate the award, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • You are very welcome, and I do understand. The weather where I live messes with my connection quite a bit, which is doubly frustrating when you are attending University classes online and LOVE to blog! And I am absolutely certain that you are not the only one who doesn’t immediately attend to your various nominations. I know this, because it always takes me a few days to a week to finallly get mine posted. You are not alone. LOL


  4. I am new to this crazy blogworld and very much appreciate you taking the time to seek out these high-quality blogs and help guide the way for some curious souls like myself to some wonderful pages. Thanks!

    • Absolutely! I think in addition to giving recognition where it is due, when passing on these awards, it is also for the purpose of bringing bloggers together. I currently follow over 150 blogs, and I learned of most them from reading the nominations for blog awards. If you would like to see more of my nominations, all of my awards are under creative detours in the detour drop down menu on the right side of my page. There are some really neat people out there writing about all manner of things. The whole blog process, writing, reading, awarding, liking, commenting, etc is a beautiful thing! This is currently my favorite place to be!

      Happy blogging!


  5. Congratulations on them both and your nomination will also be my 3rd nomination, Thank you, and I hope to honour them very soon, still others pending, and you are right Cindy with what you posted with your nomination. Hope you find time within your busy study work to find time to write too 🙂 ~Sue Dreamwalker

    • Thank you and you are welcome! I love your blog! It has very rich information and a lot of heart! I have not been able to read everything you have written, but I am working on it. What tribe are you from? I will definitely write as often as time permits. Blogging is my reward to myself for finishing my assignments. It really motivates me to get them done!


  6. Thanks so much for the award 🙂 I appreciate the nomination very much. I’m always running a bit behind in passing on these awards, but will try my best to do that soon. Have a great weekend,

    • You are very welcome, Kathy! And very deservig as well. I really do enjoy reading your blog and hope that nominating you will bring your writing to many more reader’s attention! Take your time… I know how it is! =)


  7. Congratulations!

    I am surprised you reveal a lack of confidence in writing. I tell you, your writing is miles ahead of most people I know…

    Thank you for forwarding the VBA. You are too good to me, Cindy.

    All good wishes and I hope you land that job soon,

    • Thank you, Eric! You have been extremely supportive to me as well and I apppreciate it more than words can say. I understand that it seems odd that I lack confidence in my writing, but no matter how much I surprise myself, I still get a huge case of the nerves before starting. If only I get that first thought out… Thank you for your high compliments. You flatter me. =)


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