TAG!!! You’re IT!

This is a Fun Game and it’s called, “TAG You’re IT” and Dolly of allaboutlemon tagged me.

Here are The Rules:

  1. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged or you can recycle the questions of others if you’d like to do so.
  2. Tag eleven people (or more if you wish) and link to them on your post.
  3. Let them know you’ve tagged them (but if you don’t get time, you won’t have to go to your room for three weeks or anything like that, lol!)

Dolly’s Questions:

1. Why do you blog?

Great question! For the answer, read my post, Blog, Blog, Blog!

2. Are you happy?

More than any other time in my life!

3. Do you feel you are loved?

I not only feel it, I know it!

4. What are your dreams?

To become a Psychologist and be able to care for my kids like I never have before!

5. Describe yourself in 6 words.

(I hate the number 6—don’t know why, I just do, so I will list 7) Reader, writer, mom, friend, lover, student, fighter!

6. What is your favorite animal? and why?

Cats—I love their purr and their cuddly companionship!

7. If you like to have a pet, what kind of animal would that be? and why?

A kitten, but if I had to choose a close second it would be a cockatoo—they are a joy to have, if they are hand fed, and you can take them anywhere you go!

When you read these following words, what comes up to your mind in an instant and why?

8. FOREST—Mysterious, because all forests are so vastly different.

9. SEA—Yuck! I hate salt water!

10. COFFEE—comfort and warmth, simply because that is what coffee is for me.

11. Are you happy with my questions and glad that I tagged you?

Great questions that even allowed me to plug my own post! I do like to play, especially the questions, so yes, I am glad you tagged me!

MY Questions for YOU:

      1. What is your favorite book and why?
      2. What is your favorite thing to write about?
      3. What do you look for in a blog?
      4. Have you had any formal training in writing, (i.e. writing classes, workshops, etc)?
      5. What is you most favorite memory?
      6. If you could visit one place in the entire world, where would it be?
      7. If you could learn how to do one thing, what would it be?
      8. Who is your favorite artist and why?
      9. Who is your favorite author and why?
      10. What is one thing about me that you would like to know?
      11. Have you ever had anything published?

WHO I am Tagging:

      1. Thypolar’s life
      2. Seasons Change, and Change…
      3. newfoundlandtraveller
      4. Mystery Coach
      5. Mortal Hearts with Immortal Souls
      6. Step On A Crack…Or Break Your Mother’s Back
      7. Girl on the Contrary
      8. Wonder and Whimsy
      9. I Can’t High Five
      10. Me, Myself, and I
      11. Pretty Fly for a Blind Guy

TAG! You’re IT! Enjoy and have fun!


12 responses to “TAG!!! You’re IT!

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    • Hi,

      Yeah, I realize it can seem a little silly, but I do like to answer straight forward questions that give others more of a sense of who I am and also, in nominating other blogs for this and for awards, gives others a chance to see some really great blogs they may not have known were out there. I have found many blogs just from the posts of these awards on the blogs I follow, so I see it more as a great social and potentially networking tool. =)


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  4. Thanks Cindy for being so cool and sport… But do you know that number 6, means love, home, success and money? That is according to Numerology 🙂
    I love all your answers… Have fun and enjoy your weekdays!

    • You are welcome! I like these kinds of things because it brings awareness of new and wonderful blogs to us that we may not have otherwise found on our own! No, I did not know that about the number 6. The weird thing is, I have disliked that number for as long as I can remember, all the way back into my early childhood. Stnage, don’t you think?


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