An Award Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Me too! Before I get to the details of what I will challenge each of you to do, if you dare, I want to explain where this idea came from.

First and foremost, I often wonder where the different blog awards come from. I know that blogs are nominated by other bloggers, but where did they originate? Have these been the creation of various bloggers or were they generated by WordPress? Does anyone know?

Now I want to briefly discuss why I believe the awards and seemingly silly games such as  Mrs. Sparkly’s Ten Commandments and Tag! You’re IT! are so important and what function I believe they serve. To begin with, as the receiver of awards, they just make you feel good, can give your motivation a boost, and lets you know that someone really enjoys the things that you post. For the nominator, sometimes “liking” someone’s blog just doesn’t feel like it is enough and you really want to give them more recognition. What better way than an award?

Most awards, at least the ones I have received so far, have rules that include answering some questions. Sometimes the questions are intended to find out specific things about the blogger and other times they are to get a feel for the blogger’s opinion on certain topics. Either way, it is fun to answer the questions and gives others an avenue in which to get to know you better as person. If you get to know enough, it can often times lead to friendships. I have even found inspiration on some of the things I choose to write about through the questions on awards I have been nominated for.

And finally, the nominations; by nominating others for the award, you expand the readership and followers of those blogs. This is how we connect with one another. Some of my favorite blogs, I discovered based on the nominations, and therefore the recommendations, on the award posts of bloggers I already follow. This is also known as networking, a most important tool in the social and business world we live in.

Do you agree with me so far? I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t, so here is what I propose: an award challenge. I challenge you to create your own award. You choose the name, the logo or graphic (or better yet, design it yourself) and then you decide what the rules are. You choose the questions that are to be answered or do something a little different, like maybe put out a little challenge of your own. And finally, you get to decide how many people the award should be passed onto by those you nominate. Your award can be blogger specific (moms, photographers, cooks) or it can be topic specific (humor, advice, art), but whatever you choose, be creative, be unique, have fun, and don’t forget to nominate the first bloggers to receive your award so it can begin its journey around the blogosphere!

Oh! I am so glad you asked. Yes, I will be creating an award also, so please do keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss out on my creativity! Good luck!


11 responses to “An Award Challenge

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  3. Enjoyed your take on blogger awards. Have fun creating! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I’m not much of an innovator, so I’ll just observe from the sidelines. 🙂

    • Thank you, Carrie. Observing is good. You will have to let me know which ones you think were the most creative when they begin popping up all over the blogosphere. =) I will be posting my own award, along with having already been nominated for the very first newly created award, here on my blog within the next few days. I hope you will have fun reading them!


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    • Yes, I think it is. I have two or three ideas and already one of the blogs I follow has created her award and nominated me for it, so keep on the look out, as it is a wild and crazy one and I love it!

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