Just Me, #7

Hello My Lovely Blogosphere Friends and Fans,

I have so many things I want to share with you, so I just had to write. School is going really well and I have really worked hard on my self-discipline. Not only am I staying on top of my assignments, I have also found time to read, to write, to indulge in those wonderful hot bubble baths I love so much, and I even cooked dinner last night! It was only fish sticks and tater tots, which is not only about the level of cooking that I am capable of, it is also kind of funny considering one of the other things I intend to share with you.

Yes, I will skip ahead and tell you now. I was given a random topic and challenged to write something fictional in 30 minutes. I love a challenge and so, I wrote my first very short piece of fiction, and I intend to publish it as soon as I finish writing and posting this note to you. What is funny about it is that the story has my lack of cooking skills and being stranded on a deserted island. I will let you make the connection, if you can. Ha-ha! Ok, moving on…

I also wrote another poem, if you could call it that. It is so strange when I write poetry because I normally just don’t. What happened with this one is not dissimilar to most of the few others I have written. I was doing an assignment for school, and because my mind is very capable of multi-tasking, I was also thinking about how much I wished I could be finished so I could do a little reading and a lot more writing. My next thought was how much reading and writing were a part of my life and what made life enjoyable to me. And then it happened. A flood of words just started swirling and before I knew it, I had a pen in my hand and was scribbling the words down as fast as I could. I set it aside, finished my assignment, and then came back to it, typed it in and published it before I had a chance to chicken out. If you haven’t read it already, it is called Life Is and is under Poetic Detours.

I have tried to write the story about my late kitten, Manhattan, but I am really struggling with it. I am still amazed by how close I was to that adorable little one and though she was only with us nine months before she got really sick, she has put a very deep branding on my heart. I will hold off on the story until a time when it is not quite as painful, but will post a collage of photos I made of her from the day she was born until just a few days before she died. I miss her more than I ever knew was possible.

I have also said I was going to update my blogroll, which I still have every intention of doing, but I have a lot I want to add and want to get it done in one sitting. That will have to wait until next week while I am on Spring Break and have the time to add them all.

I have noticed my desk is becoming quite cluttered with all of the sheets of paper with blog ideas scribbled on them, so I have come up with a solution that is much more tidy. I now have a box that holds 3X5 cards and several packs of the cards. When I get an idea, I grab a card, make some notes on it, then put it in the box. I have deciphered the scraps of paper to the best of my ability, and of all that I have written down, I have about ten ideas, on ten separate cards, that I am still thinking are worth pursuing. Conveniently, I call it my “Blog Box.” It works for me!

One last thing, and if you have actually read this far, I truly need some perspective on this. I have a friend that works at the Department of Motor Vehicles and she sits on two safety committees. It is her turn to write a safety article, but she is not good at writing and has asked me to help her out. I, of course, do not mind helping a friend, but should I write it for her and let her take the credit for the article? I am not sure if it matters to me or not. Should it? It will only be a short one to two page article that will discuss having a safety plan and the importance of having that plan in place. It is not something I would choose to write, so why not let her take the credit, right?

Bedia, bedia, bedia…that’s all folks! I am now off to publish my first ever fictional short story!

Happy Reading and Keep on Writing!



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