My Precious Manhattan

This is a collage of my precious and desperately missed kitten, Manhattan. The picture on the far right, center is Manhattan with her Momma, Babygirl, just hours often she was born. Interestingly, she was the only kitten, and she was a most unexpected surprise.Just below that picture is one of Babygirl nursing Manhattan, and just to the left of that photo is one of Manhattan at about five weeks old, sleeping on my bed. The photo on the top right corner is of Manhattan and Sissy. Babygirl had one more litter after Manhattan and we found a home for the two male kittens right away, but Sissy grew on us and we decided to keep her. She loved to snuggle up with her big sister, Manhattan, as you can see in the corner picture and the one right below it. Sissy still had her blue kitten eyes then. The remaining pictures are all of Manhattan at various ages, with the photo on the bottom, left corner being the last one I took of her, just days before she passed away with Kitten Leukemia. She was only nine months old. She followed me everywhere, slept with me every night, woke me every morning, and was always in my lap, purring so loudly. I loved her dearly and I miss her terribly! I post this collage in memory of her.


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    • Thank you. It really is a hard thing to get through, isn’t it? I am sorry for your loss as well. I can’t imagine having to have gone through it twice. I am glad that we can be here for each other in this regard! Thank you for that.


    • Hi Courenay,

      Thank you. I have been putting off writing a full post about my time with her, as it is still so surprisingly painful. However, I did want to post these photos and a few words did find there way onto the page. I am still amazed by how much she touched my life!


      • I understand. I have a similar experience from four years ago, and even now, I smile and I wince a little bit. HIs name was Tank. He was a dog. And he was sick when I rescued him. I nursed him to his passing. Four months…. I’m so glad that Manhattan has touched your life so deeply. We need these moments, I think? They remind us to be where we are, when we are…. I’m in a sentimental mood this evening, so please excuse my… I don’t even know what to call it! Thank you, though, for sharing Manhattan’s and your story.

        • R.I.P. Tank… You have a very deep heart! Those who rescue injured, abbandoned, and neglected animals are my heros! I am not only sorry for your loss, as well, but I want to say thank you for being one of those heros! And please, feel free to be sentimental to your heart’s content. I Love sentimental and am that way so often myself. A kindred spirit of understanding. I love it when others can relate to how I feel and my experiences and vice versa. Thank you, Courtenay, for sharing!


        • Cindy, you just made my evening! I never talk about Tank. Those moments are hard for people to take, and everyone is so fragile when it comes to life and death stories. I try to be mindful of that. But, to be able to share something this personal with a new friend and to be put at ease— ah, what a nice gift on a Saturday night. Thank you, Cindy. You are a rare gem.

        • You are very welcome. I tend to be a very understanding person and when I can relate to something with my heart, all the better. I am happy to have given you a smile and even happier to be called your friend. Thank You!


    • Thank you, Kellie. I have actually been considering doing a painting of one of the ones where she is sleeping when she was still quite young. It would have to be a very close resemblance though or I would not want to keep it; or I would change it to be more generic. I am not sure.


        • Thanks! My paintings are usually 16″X20″ and I have always wanted to do one that is much larger…maybe 36″X48″? I may make the larger attempt painting Manhattan. It will take me quite a bit of time. The earliest I would expect to have it done is late summer, but it is something for me to look forward to. I have recently finished another, somewhat bizarre painting. As soon as I figure out how to upload pictures from my camera to my laptop, I will post it.


    • Thank you. Yes, especially for me. My father had given me a kitten when I was in elementary school and he died when I was graduating high school. Because of that, I rarely let myself enjoy the many cats that my two sons had growing up, but Manhattan stole my heart the moment she was born. It was completely out of my control and she truly had me enthralled and wrapped around her little paw! I became very attached, very quickly.


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