No Words

I can think of no words to title this post. It is just a song, but I am really feeling it today…


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    • Whoo-hoo! I really need to get busy and post these awards. I now have four I have to do, but will write a few things before I do and my 100th post is coming up in which I have something special (at least to me) planned for that. It may take me a little time, but I will get to it, for sure. Thank you so much and Congratulations to you as well!


      • well it is up to you when or if you get a chance to participate. I was just glad to do this one because it is one I never had recieved and it really means something. Have a good weekend!

        • Yes, I agree! This is a very meaningful award. Knowing I inspire just one person really means a lot to me too! It validates that the good and the bad of my life have not been for nothing and I can appreciate my own experiences more. =)


  1. Glad to hear you’re soaking in a tub. I need a tub about now too. That song, those words … holy moly, my sweet. Take care. Nothing worse than a lonely heart: A hurting heart. You have many blog-lovers ๐Ÿ˜‰ erm … you know what i mean.

    Believe me, i know the days, and i’m glad to hold you in my heart in all shapes and forms. xoxo melis

    • Thank you so much. You are so sweet and I appreciate you being there. Like I have mentioned in a previous comment response, this sometimes comes out of nowhere and hits like a ton of bricks, but I do get through it. Your comment made me laugh and that was very good for me! Thank you for your friendship and concern!


    • Thank you, Dolly! I am feeling better today. I am sorry I missed coffee with you, but had to take the ladies to the neurologist and to the grocery, and have not had time to get online until now. Thank you for your genuine kindness!


  2. Sounds like you’re grieving a loss. It is hard to work through this stuff, but you have lots of support here. I’m so glad you’re reaching out. take care of you in this difficult time.

    • Thank you, Louise. I think, and hope, that I am actually passed the grieving stage, but I haven’t given that much thought, so I cannot be sure. This will always be a reality for me and it will always hurt to some degree, but I can honestly say that I am much luckier than most. Every once in awhile, it just kind of hits me and I have to let it run its course. I am feeling stronger today. =)


      • Cindy You’re so wise…I’m not sure we’re ever completely over the grieving stage. loss is our reality and sometimes it sneaks up and bites us in the back end. wise to see that and know it.

        • Thank you, but I cannot take all the credit. I had a very wise therapist and our last session together was the day before my mother passed away. She had been in a freak accident and was in the hopital for 19 days. I knew it was coming and we discussed certain things in depth, which prepared me ahead of time and I was able to get through it on some very poitive thoughts, memories, and realizations. Through that session, I learned very important things about grieving and how to do so in a healthy way. I was very fortunate and I will never forget her and that she showed me how to change my life. Thank you for your support.


  3. Oh I am so sorry you’ve been hurt. If you need me just let me know. I know what it is like to love a woman and feel complete and then it all go to shit. I hate it that you are feeling sad. If I can do anything.. ((Hug))

    • Thank you. This is a different situation than the one I mentioned before. I am better today and when I get a little time, I will write and explain. Again, thanks for caring. It means a lot!


        • Oh, no, it is fine. I am an open book. You may say anything that comes to your mind and heart, anytime. I am feeling very touched that several of my blogger friends care so much about ME! Who knew? =)


        • well on blogs like these we share so much personal stuff, our weaknesses and illnesses, episode, you can’t hardly help but get to where you really care. I know I do. I couldn’t sleep after I read your post with the Rascal Flatts song on it.

        • Oh, I am so sorry! I never meant to cause anyone to worry. I was just feeling very sad and wallowing in the past… I am ok today, I promise you that. Please try to get some rest tonight. Tomorrow will be an even better day for me and Sunday, I get to go to New York! I will have to write to you and tell you the details, so in the future, you will have a clear understanding of what is going on and why. Thank you so much for being my friend!


        • yeah that would be cool but im not trying to be nosy though lol. New York! That is exciting! Well it would be especially for me since I live in rural Kentucky lol. Actually I would probably have a panic attack in New York. I am glad you are feeling better now girl!

        • Oh, please! You are not being nosy and I am happy to have a friend or two I can share things with. I appreciate that you are willing to listen to my whines. Yes, New York is only a 2 hour, if that, drive from where I live. The ladies I live with continue to board dogs out here in the country, the only surviving aspect of their business since 9/11, and we have one to return home this Sunday. He is such a good and loving dog. He has been here for a month and I am going to miss him until next time. We’ll go into the city, return Tucker to his parents, visit some friends, and possibly grab a bite to eat and hit Fairview, a large market that they love to shop at and get all kinds of yummy food for their fabulous dishes. One thing is for sure, I will never go hungry here! =) If I do not write today, I will tomorrow on the ride in.


        • Yes, I DO love animals. I have always been more of a cat person, but these pups can really grow on you. The ladies’ clients are some pretty incredible people, including famous actresses and actors, broadway stars, producers, and some big business owners to name a few. Cherie was very well known in New York and highly sought after. Before 9/11 she had over 300 clients. I am hoping she will write about it on either her own blog or on mine. If you would like to read some of her stories she is under my blogroll, Goin’ to the Dogs of New York.


        • that is incredible! Yes My heart was always with cats. I have two of them. But my son brought a puppy home from the shelter about a yr and a hlf ago. He had just got his accociates degree and was moving to Nashville in three weeks lol. So she has ended up mostly mine. Sasha knows her daddy though. He is here this weekend spending time wit her. I have my dayghters red eared slider turtle here als oand her “fancy rat”. Yes It is a tame rat lol. I love em all though

        • I have seen the picture of Sasha and the cats and the turtle. I also love turtles! Here is a funny fact about me. Both times I was pregnant, I wanted a girl so badly, but once my second son was born, I accepted it and began looking forward to when I would find a tree frog in one of their pockets. Little boogers never brought me my tree frog! Now I have to wait for grandkids and see if my luck is any better. LOL Umm… A rat? Sorry, but rats are one of my Phobias… No love there. You do keep it in a cage of some sort, yes? Eeeeek! Lol


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