Just Me, #8

Hello Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

As some of you already know, I have had a rough couple of days. I am now back on an even keel and feeling much more like myself. I want to thank those of you who commented and shared your concern with me. I am feeling quite blessed, as through this experience, I have gained a few friends. Fellow bloggers are those in which we admire each other’s work, relate to each other’s experiences, enjoy each other’s humor and talent, and appreciate each other’s insight.

Friends, on the other hand, are those who touch our lives in ways that go beyond our blog postings and connect us on a much deeper and more personal level. I am fortunate to have both in my life know from experience that it is true friendships that carry us through our darkest times, if we let them. Thank you ladies, for reaching out and extending genuine love and care when a familiar pain came knocking at my door.

I have so many things to do to catch up on my blog. My list for updating my blog roll is becoming quite long and it will take some time to post all the new links. I may on some unconscious level be avoiding that task or putting it off, as I have other things I want to accomplish that are not as time-consuming. I really need to do the update though or I am afraid you will all get tired of hearing about it, waiting for it, and may come to believe that I am just blowing smoke…well, you know what they say.

I also have four awards that I have been nominated for that I need to post, but before I do, I have to tell you that for some reason, a lot of my comments have been going into your spam and in some cases are never received. At some point, I will have to contact the customer service at WordPress and inquire as to what can be done to fix this. In the meantime, I will post my awards, nominate those I want to pass them onto, but will not post notifications in your comments. That is what takes the longest time and if they are all going into spam, I would rather not take up the time to post these comments that are not getting received. In short, check my blog often (what a way to get hits, yes?) and see if you appear as a nominee on these and future awards.

The thing that is causing me the most stress in regards to “catching up” is not having read new posts for the past two days and though I will try to get to them all, I anticipate that it may not be possible. If this is the case, please do forgive me for missing a few posts and know that I will be back on track in this regard by Monday (3/12/12), as I am going to New York tomorrow. It will be a very good get-away-from-everyday kind of break for me. I am really looking forward to it and the weather is supposed to be really nice tomorrow as well!

Aside from getting behind on my blog, there is one other thing that has my anxiety far above what is comfortable and manageable to me. One of my four classes is Religious Studies. I chose to take this class because I felt it would be important to have knowledge and some level of understanding of the many religions that people follow, as it may come up or even be a factor when I practice Psychology. Well, I was sadly mistaken. This class is in regards to when, how, and who formed these religions as far back as 5000 BC, and the instructor’s lectures and exams are so ambiguous that it is difficult to follow and understand what it is she is trying to teach.

That being said, 10% of our grade is for participation, which I will get full points for. There are three total exams, each worth 20% of our grade. On the first, I received 90%, which is good and acceptable to me. On the second exam, I received a 70%, which I have Never gotten on any test or assignment in the five years I have been attending college! I was devastated, but I knew I had studied for hours and I had a 20 page study guide that I had typed up and reviewed often. We are allowed to use our notes and study guide for the exam, which I had available if I needed it, but the questions were about things either not covered, or did not have the right answer as a choice given. So, I asked some of the other students and I learned that they too felt the test was not conducive to the material we had covered.

The final 30% of our grade is for a major semester paper we have to write. Again, I am not the only one who is struggling with understanding the guidelines and expectations of this paper and not the only one who has written numerous emails to the instructor asking for clarification. Yes, she responds to the messages, but her responses only further confuse the situation. The bottom line is this; it is a possibility that I will get a low grade, or God forbid, fail this class. The main problem with that is that it will drastically lower my GPA, which could likely destroy my chances of attending Yale or Cornell, as is my goal to do. The sad thing is, it won’t be due to my lack of trying or inability to achieve, but do to a class that is poorly taught and implemented.

I’m sorry. I did not mean to bore anyone with this issue, but clearly it was one that I needed to put out there in order to take some of the power out of it. Bleh! I work so hard in school and it is frustrating to have this kind of thing to have to face. But, I am done with this rant and it is time to move on to something much more pleasant.

This will be my 99th post and I have something special I want to share for my 100th! Please stay tuned as I will post it later today. Thank you all so much for reading, supporting, following, liking, and commenting on my blog! I truly feel like a super star as a result and you are my biggest motivation to continue.



33 responses to “Just Me, #8

  1. (I’m having problems replying to your comment, so I’ll make this a separate one)

    Hi Cindy,
    I did well in statistics until I reached the real ‘high-powered’ stuff in grad school. Then I began to flounder. I think it was because the more complicated statistics were based on calculus and differential equations which I did not really understand. Plus, for some reason the principles of probability always escaped me.
    BTW it was a double major.

    • Hi Anita,

      I have actually considered a double major, both the BA and the BS in Psychology. It is the BA I want, but according to my academic advisor, I have enough business courses that I could easily achieve the BS. My ultimate goal will be to earn a PhD, but statistics may be my downfall. Wish me luck!


  2. It is so frustrating to have a teacher like that, and know that your future is partially in that person’s hands. When I took zoology, the professor routinely omitted the correct answer from multiple choice questions. Since I knew him fairly well already and I was arrogant in college — lol — I would always write in the missing answer. I know he didn’t like it much, but what else was I supposed to do??
    I hope it will work out for you.

    • WHY do they do that??? Grrr… Unfortunately, I am unable to write in the correct answer as my classes are online and my exams are also taken online. I am strong and determined though. I won’t let this one instructor stand in my way! Zoology….Cool! What is your degree in?


      • My Bachelor’s was chemistry and behavioral science (actually a combo of Psych and Sociology) — double major. But I liked school so I took a lot of courses I didn’t have to.

        • Wow! That combo fell under a chemistry major? I have taken one chemisrty class, as science is not one of my favortite subjects, but is required. It was fun and very interesting. I have also taken horticulture and this summer I am taking astronomy. I believe I will have one more science requirement after that and am not sure what I will choose. I love being in school too! I am really enjoying myself. The only class I truly dread, which I will take in the Fall, is PSYCH 200, which is statistics in the psychology field. I have always been really good at math, but when I took statistics at the community college, it was so far over my head that I had no choice but to take a no pass for the class. I was lucky that I could choose a letter grade or a pass/no pass option. Now, at PSU it is required and I am seriously scared to death! By the way, how did you do in statistics? =)


  3. So glad you’re feeling better. isn’t it ironic that a 70 isn’t ok with us? the first time I got a 70% I thought i should just drop out of university. then i realized I had one of the high marks in the class! gosh we’re hard on us.

    welcome back. good to have you back to yourself.

    • Hi Louise,

      Thank you. Yes, when you work hard and achieve high grades, it is quite a shock to the old ego to receive such a low grade. However, knowing I am not the only one facing these frustrations and that other hard working students are also being affected does take the sting out a little. No way am I quitting though! I am determined beyond imagination! =)


  4. I have also noticed that your comments are often sent to my spam box. I often wonder if it is because of your email address. For some reason it links back to a website other than your blog and I wonder if that may be the issue.

    I’d love to hear what WordPress tells you.

    • Huh. I don’t know. Now I am more anxious to find out. Fist thing in the morning I will try to make contact and see. And I will let you know what they say! Please do keep an eye out for my comments in spam and save them when you can!


      • Yea, I always have to dig your comments out of the spam box. For some reason your comments are linked to a college website? Pretty sure that might be why it’s happening.

        • First of all, I am glad you do. Thank you! Secondly, the email I used to begin my blog is my Penn State University email address, but I don’t understand why it would go there from here. That is strange, but thanks for the info. It will likely be helpful when I contact their CS. I will be in touch.


  5. blah weeks must have been going around! glad you are feeling more back to normal and have a bit of free time coming up.

    im so glad that i never ever have to do school again, please Lord, never again! i was a terrible student at 20, cant even imagine how bad i would be at 40! good luck with your class!

    • Thank you. I do not know how I would have done at age 20, but at age 40 I am thriving in school, and other than this class I have mentioned, I am a high achiever. I dread the day I am finished in school. Lol That is when I will have to grow up and work out in the real world!


      • When i was in vet school i had over 10 classmates that were in their 40s or higher. One lady was 60+ and one of the guys was 50+. They were definitely the better students.

        I have been out for so long that im not sure i would be dedicated enough to do a good job of it since i have a career that i love already! I shouldnt be so mentally lazy! 🙂

        It is great that you are going back and doing something you have obviously put a lot of thought into!

        • I am actually back in school because I Don’t have a career. I was managing fast food retaurants and one day thought–what am I doing with my life? So, at the age of 37, I enrollled in my first class and have been going ever since. The longer I am in school the more my passion in psychology grows. I am getting more and more excited about my future and reaching my goals! I was Valedictorian of my high school, but I can honestly say that I believe my life experience has really prepared me to do well in college at this later age than had I attempted to go right after graduation.

          Are you a Veterinarian now? I bet working with animals can be both extremely rewarding, and at times, very heartbreaking, yes?


        • i am a veterinarian. hard to believe i have been doing this for 15 yrs now, it feels like only a few. it is heartbreaking but God always fills me back up!

          have a blessed sunday!

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