Update Blogroll: Check!

I did it! I have successfully updated my blogroll! I have added 38 blogs to my blogroll and it was not as hard as I had anticipated. I will list the newly added blogs in this post, but here are a few things that I would like to note.

First, I had so many that it was difficult for me to categorize the types of blogs. I had already established a Psych blogroll and an LGBT blogroll, but did not want too many categories, so I will let you decide. The ones that come to mind as the most common of the blogs I have added are Recovery, Writing/Writers, and possibly Art. If there is a specific category that you would like your blog associated with, let me know and I will be happy to edit.

I also did not take the time to write in a description of each of these blogs, so again, if you would like a description when someone hovers over the name of your blog, post one in the comments and I will edit this also.

And finally, if for whatever reason, and you do not, of course, have to disclose this reason or lack of one to me, you do not want your blog displayed on my page, please let me know and I will remove it and honor your privacy.

Why these blogs? Because they are magnificent and the ones I visit the most! If you choose to check out any one of them, or even better yet, All of them, you are in for a real treat. I give you my word on this!


A Kiss of Bliss



Bluebird Blvd.

Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary


Freedom to a Full Life

I Am Not Lost, Just Weird


Keep Writing…Keep Writing…

Kristy K. James



Limebird Writers

Live to Write—Write to Live

Louise Behiel


Mortal Hearts with Immortal Souls

Mystery Coach


Our Little Home


Raw Recovery

Reflections…By Kathy

Rockdweller’s Blog


Seasons Change, and Change…

Shannon Howell

Sober and Sexy for Life

Soy Luna y me expreso

Step On A Crack…Or Break Your Mother’s Back

The Idaho AgendaThe Musings of a Jewish Stay-At-Home Father

The Write Transition


Vinyl Eraser

Writer’s Manifest

Written Words Never Die


24 responses to “Update Blogroll: Check!

    • Your experiences and your willingness to share them have helped me a great deal. I hope others will take the time to read your blog and also find some comfort and comaraderie. You are a very stong woman and I admire you!


  1. What a pleasant surprise this morning to find my blog on your list! Thanks so much! I should probably think about setting up a blogroll someday. Add it to the many other things I should do. 🙂

    Thanks again. Appreciate it!

    • Hi Sue,

      Maybe not as planned, but not bad in the scheme of things. I hope your week has also gone well. I am glad you will be checking out some of the sites, and I hope you find some that you like!


  2. Sorry its took me a while to post my recent commenter award that you nominated me for. I have actually posted it now……And you came top on my commenter’s award and therefore I am passing this award onto you. congratulations and look forward to reading your answers to the questions.

    • Ha ha! Very cool! I will get it posted as soon as I can. Yeah, I understand these things take a while. This semester is getting crazy for me. Thank you for posting it. You are. so far, the first to have done so! Thanks for sending it back my way. I will enjoy digging deep to share my answers.


  3. Thank you so much sweety for adding me to your blogroll. I will say, if it helps any, that since I have joined the Mental Health Writers Guild. My blog will from now on be more about mental health and informational. I hope you are doing well!

    • Hi Carla,

      I am doing ok, but feeling the stress of falling behind in my blogging. I did not realize I had over 20 comments I had not respondedd to and I haven’t read any blog posts in probably a week! Plus I have about five drafts started and haven’t had a chance ot finish them. In light of this and keeping up in school, I may not be able to write you back for awhile. Please don’t think I have forgotten! I am happy to put you on my blogroll! I hope it brings more readers your way!


      • I have been hoping that the reply to your email didn’t turn you off. I was thinking very emotional and thinking about how I would be. So get back to me when you want. You have priorities, and school is number 1 right now. Blogging can wait! hugs

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