Like Looking in a Mirror

Zachariah James, my youngest son, riding the city bus a little over two years ago. This photo is a bit fuzzy, but it is one of my favorites of Zachary. You can still see the little boy in him in this photo. They grow up so fast—cliché’ or not, it is the truth! Just as the title says, it is like looking in a mirror, we look so much alike!


17 responses to “Like Looking in a Mirror

    • Zachariah James! Hi Sweetheart! We reallly do, don’t we? I am so glad for that! How are you? I miss you like crazy! If I can get a job, which I absolutely HAVE to do, I will see when I can get you out here for a visit, ok? The pool doesn’t open until the last weekend in May, so maybe by your birthday. Wouldn’t that be awesome??? I love you, Honey. Be good and stay strong! =)

      Mom XO

    • Thank you. To be honest, it has been a long timme coming!
      I have been away at college for the past nines months and will be gone for another year or two at least. They are in WA and I am in PA. I miss them both so much!

  1. Very sweet and you do look alike. I like the look on his face. They do grow up fast. My oldest is awaiting the NFL draft…can’t believe that litle baby is going to be a big man playing in the NFL with big men who can hurt him. It’s weird, even writing the words.

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