Pretty as a Peacock

I am so glad some of you wanted to see this photo of me with turquoise hair! As I look at it, I realize just how much weight I really have lost since then! Yea, me! This photo was taken this past summer. I am on my way into the S.E. Campus of Portland Community College to join several others in being inducted into Phi Theta Kappa. PTK is an International Honor Society of junior colleges and my membership will follow me through life. I am eligible for exclusive scholarships (though sadly, I am clueless how to apply), have their golden seal on both of my degrees from PCC, and can obtain letters of recommendation from them for future college endeavors or job prospects, just to name a few perks. A 3.5 GPA is required to be a member and I left PCC with a 3.71 GPA—my final average after four years of classes there.

Back on topic, I have never done anything foreign or drastic to my hair, other than a miserable mistake with a perm when I was in sixth grade. So, why did I do it? My best friend, Cherie (with whom I now live with), dared me to do it. She, herself, keeps her long locks purple and has for most of her adult life. She didn’t think I had the guts to do it. Ta-da! I had no fear and, of course, I thought it would be fun. It was, I assure you, and the best part was all the compliments I received from everyone who saw me. Yes, this summer will be purple, but I am holding off until I get a job. I don’t want to scare any potential bosses!

Has anyone else done something way out of character or extremely out of their comfort zone, but ended up having a positive experience? I want to see your true colors!


16 responses to “Pretty as a Peacock

    • Really? You color your hair too? What colors have been your favorite? Purple probably won’t happen for another month or two, but when it does, I will post a pic, eager to hear what everyone thinks! Funny the things I find to amuse myself. Lol


      • Yes lol….Very often, although I shouldn’t as it will ruin my hair ha. The last colour I went was pure white….It took me over a year to get to white and it was an expensive procedure lol.
        Cant wait to see the purple hair!

        • Sadly, it has been suggested to me to wait on the hair color since I am looking for a job. I do not see why the color of my hair should have an affect on my skills, but there are still some pretty conservative people out there, so I won’t take any chances. However, once I have been hired, I am pretty sure I will color it then, so I just need a little patience. (Not one of my stronger virtues.) =)

  1. Awesome do!
    I never did anything like that but I did once dance with a girl at a gay bar and she patted my rear. It was great, I had partners galore all night and even though I’m straight I had a blast! And my dancing buds didn’t care if I was gay or not. They accepted me as just a girl wanting to groove. A guy once told me I was a tease when I wouldn’t go home with him but I was just trying to dance, man. So, yeah, it was a very positive experience!

    • Glad you liked it. We shall see how purple looks this summer, maybe sooner. And I am glad you had a good experience and a lot of fun. Who needs those kinds of pressures when you are only wanting to dance and have a good time, yes? Have you ever been back for another great evening?


    • Thank you, Eric! It was fun and when I do the purple this summer it will be for fun also. Seems dyed hair is no longer a shocker in society. Lol My GPA at Penn State, so far is a 3.75. University is quite a bit more demanding, so I have to work twice as hard to maintain that. Wish me luck this semester!

    • Thank you! Since it was the first time, I chose to do my bangs, which I no longer have, and one stripe on one side. In order to get that brilliance, I had to flash bleach those spots and it was very damaging to my hair. I would love to do my whole head, but not until I find a gentler method of lightening it… Stay tuned for Purple!

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