Stress Relief

I do not want to make it a habit of posting music, as my main objective on keeping a blog is to write, but I really needed a stress relief today and this truly did it for me. With school, comes stress, but I have two major assignments I have been struggling with for weeks and today, I gave myself permission to put them both away and just relax! Don’t get me wrong, I love a challenge, as this is how I learn, but I also have a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist and become frustrated when I can’t get it just right. So, learning will have to wait and breathing with a smile is what is in store for me today.

This song is my all-time favorite, by far! Not only have I faced many of the situations that are in this song, I have also adopted this very attitude. The music is uplifting to me, gets me to wiggle in a dance-like fashion, puts a smile on my face, and just makes me feel good inside and out.

I remember the first time I heard this song. I was in high school working at Burger King, and one of my co-workers, who was also my friend, invited me to her and her husband’s house for dinner. She had three young boys and a beautiful baby girl. After dinner, they turned on the radio and everyone started dancing. I am not one to dance, so I sat alone for a while, just watching this happy family enjoy each other. I finally reached a point where I couldn’t not join in, so to help diffuse my discomfort, I picked Makaylah, the baby girl, up from where she lay and held her in my arms while dancing…to this song!

I have loved the song ever since and was especially surprised and pleased to learn that this song was made with only Bobby McFerrin’s voice—no instruments. How very cool is that? Another thing I love about this song is that it has a very reggae feel to it which is one of my favorite styles of music.

Music makes everything better! It can change your mood, help clear your mind, and be very inspiring and motivating. For me, music is the medicine for my soul!

Crank up the volume, go to full screen, and enjoy!


22 responses to “Stress Relief

  1. Arrgh.. this brought back many memories for me.. My sister would play this continually it got her over Breast Cancer and a Mastectomy age 36… she said all else in life was put into perspective.. And she survived and nothing in life phases her now.. she tells everyone.. Dont worry.. Be Happy for you never know when within a blink of an eye things may change..
    Music IS the medicine of the Soul.. you are so right Cindy…… Hope your stress levels down.. Breatheeeeeeeeeee….. xx

    • Hi Angi,
      Wow! Thank you so much for this award. It is very humbling and rewarding to know that others find my blog interesting or inspiring in any way. I really appreciate this nomination and will post my acceptance as soon as time permits! Thank you!


    • Very nice! Is this your creation? Yes, of course, I would be honored to participate! But, you know the drill…it may take me a bit to get to it. How very cool! Perfect idea for an award! Thank you, Carla!



    You picked a good one! Way to go!

    Bobby McFerrin is amazing. (I saw him in concert with the symphony years ago. Do you know what he’s famous for in the music world? Wordless singing with orchestras. He’s really good and a good guy, too!)

    In my opinion, this still qualifies as a writing post because you frame the music with a well-written snapshot of your own experience.

    (I really did love what you wrote about the family dancing around the room, and you finally picking up the baby and swaying to the music.)

    And it’s true! Music is powerful. I was worrying a little bit before I listened to this song. Now I’m not. Thank you so much for this moment!

    • Courtenay,

      You are the best! Your welcome, of course. I like that you have pointed out that I included a written portion in regards to the song, so now I will no longer hold back with posting music! I can share a lot about myself with the music I choose to post and I can see that I can also learn a lot from it too! I Love this song, but unfortuantely know little about Bobby McFerrin. With so many good comments on just this one song of his, I am inspired to spend some time getting to know some of his other creations! Thank you so much for your encouragement. Blogging, when time permits, is getting better and better and I enjoy myself so much, especially when interacting with the great people I have met here. You are among the top of that list!


      • Same here, darlin’! I think you are wonderful! I’m so glad I’m getting to know you!

        I’m glad you did this (included music and story in one post). I think that this form may be an effective way for you to unpack stories you didn’t know you were carrying in your suitcase.

        As a writer, what also struck me here is that I think the music freed you up to consider ideas you might not have played with otherwise. And this story really is so specific and so intimate and yet so universal. Love that. YAY!

        • I really appreciate you acknowledging my honesty. Honesty is particularly important to me because those that I have encountered in my life, who were not honest, I have found to be the most painful. When someone claims that they love you and in the same breath, attempt to deceit you, for whatever reason, has nearly destroyed me on more than one occasion. Also, when I was actively using drugs, I found myself being deceitful and that was, by far, the most difficult thing I have had to forgive myself for. Being and staying honest now is what makes it possible for me to maintain that forgiveness.

          And yes, now that you mention it, writing about music I like does indeed open up my ability to share things I may otherwise not have. The last song I posted by Jo Dee Messina, Bring on the Rain, allowed me to revisit a wonderful memory that I share with my son. I think I really like where this music/story thing is going for me. I am thinking of posting another soon!

          Thank you so much for your friendship, Courtenay! =)


  3. Bobby McFerrin is one of the best jazz vocalist in the world (surely it is the best male voice but there are many great singers, too).

    Don’t worry… do-do-da… be happy…

    What a cool rhythm!

    • Thank you for sharing that. I had no idea that he was so well known and loved! I will be taking some time and listening to more of his music…something I have not done before. I look forward to a real treat!


  4. This song brings back memories for me, nothing like old school music to bring a smile 🙂 writing is the best de-stress method I’ve found. Thank you so much for following me 🙂

  5. stress seems to about this past week. I finally got my book up on amazon and finished the financial reports for the chapter and am going to write another blog tonight for tomorrow. sighhhhh. can you feel the relief? then tomorrow night I start my own financials for my business.

    sheesh. it is so much better already

    • Your book on amazon??? Could you post a link or send me the title? I would love to check it out! How awesome for you! Congratulations! What is your business, if you don’t mind me asking? Do you have your own private practice?


      • Cindy I work full time as the manager of Interpretation and Translation for Alberta Health Services. I run a small private practice as a psychotherapist (I am not a psychologist for lots of reasons) and I write. Romance, which I love to read because it’s a break from life and the issues my clients face every day.

        it’s called Family Ties, and it’s on amazon, but easiest to find under my name. don’t buy it thought – I’m going to put it free in a couple of months and you can get it then.

        • Wow! You are a busy woman! How do you find time to write, keep up with blogs, and comment? I am very excited about your book. I look forward to obtaining it, but will wait, as you have suggested.

          I am curious, is there a big difference in being a psychotherapist and a psychologist, other than the PhD?


        • In Alberta, you can be a psychologist with a master’s degree. I have a non-traditional Master’s back before it was common. And I didn’t join the psychologist association as a student, because of money, so when they changed the rules about non-tradiitonal degrees allowing us to write the exam, I wasn’t given the option to write the exam or intern. so I’ve done the course work, 30 years in the program, and interned but I can’t get registered. sighhhh. when one door closes another opens. I learned that a long time ago and this is one of those instances. but still I have multiply blessed.

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