Bring It On!

Ahhh… Bring on the Rain by Jo Dee Messina is a great song with a great message, in and of itself. This song really resonates with me in that I am not one to give up or let life beat me. Because I am still here, still alive, and still growing and learning, I can see that I am a fighter.

This song also has special meaning for me because my oldest son, Jeremiah, and I decided a few years ago that this was our theme song. Yes, we may feel like we sometimes want to hide away somewhere and lock the door, and that is ok. We also recognize that at these moments, we may have lost a single battle, but not the war. We look to tomorrow as another day, a brand new day, putting the struggles of yesterday behind us and ready to face what is ahead of us with a clean slate and renewed strength.

One year, I took Jeremiah to see Jo Dee Messina in concert, just the two of us, and we had an amazing time. The memories from that night will be with us both for the rest of our lives. It was my only my second concert, and his first. We danced, we sang, and we took turns looking through a monocle, actually a child’s toy, but it was strong enough to see her on the stage from where we were. We were inexperienced as far as concerts went and left after her supposed last song. We had no idea that she would return for an encore, but as we walked down the long hallway, we heard her start another song, so we grabbed the first door we came to and entered into a section of seating that was completely empty. We had the entire section to ourselves for the last hour of the concert! I will never forget that wonderful night with my sweet boy.

I wanted to post the official music video, but it was the shorter version of the song, so instead I am posting this video. Though it maintains a still picture throughout, and is accompanied by lyrics, it is the extended version. In the full extra minute at the end, Tim McGraw’s voice is highlighted and the runs they do together, for me, is mesmerizing. I really love this song and I hope you will too!


UPDATE: Louise brought it to my attention that the video I posted was not working; therefore, I have replaced it with the official music video afterall. It is shorter, but still very good!


9 responses to “Bring It On!

        • Addiction? Jo Dee Messina? Wow! This I did not know. Is she currently in active addiction? I really hope not, but I have been there and can only hope she figures it out before it is too late, like it was for Whitney Houston. So sad! Beautiful women, beautiful voices, such bright futures… Clearly, addiction does not discriminate. It accepts all who fall into its clutches. It is stories like these that make me realize how very fortunate I am and how far I have come. Very humbling, to say the least.


        • some years ago she went into treatment for alcoholism. but she’s been in great shape for a long time now, so I assume she’s in recovery. But I don’t know.

          we all need to celebrate our journey – while mine is far from perfect it is my journey and I’ve stayed the path all these years.

        • That is good to hear! Both in regards to Jo Dee and yourself. I was in active addiction for seven years, so when I hit seven years clean this August, it will be, for me, a milestone like no other. =)


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