Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Johnny Mathis

Oh my! The memories that this man’s voice brings me back to. I woke up this morning thinking of my mother. This ended up being a cue for me to think of music from a different time in my life that I have enjoyed or that has meaning to me.

My mother loved country music, as do I, though I love almost all music. We had a radio/record/cassette player exactly like the one in the picture above, and when I was young, my mother would play records on ours on Saturdays while we did our chores. I can’t remember all the albums she had, I’m sure, but I do remember some. She had Dolly Parton, Charlie Pride, Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, and one of my favorite at the time, Johnny Mathis.

It has been a really long time since I have thought of him, and so when I got onto my computer this morning, the first thing I typed into YouTube was Johnny Mathis. I recognized the songs that are strongest in my memory right away; It’s Not For Me To Say, Chances Are, and Smile. I kept going back and forth, trying to decide which one I would include in this post, and in doing so, I came across another song that he sang.

This song has been a favorite of mine for a long time, but was originally sung by Roberta Flack. The song, as Roberta sang it, was Killing Me Softly With His Song, while Johnny sang it as Her Song. Well, since I am more of a her person rather than a he person, I found this  version to be quite delightful. But now I had a dilemma. Instead of three songs to choose from, I now had four. What to do?

What am I thinking? There are no rules that say I can only post one song per post. Why not post all four songs? Ok, so sometimes I am a little slow, but better late than never, yes? I will even give you two options to listen. Either click on the link in the written part of this post, or scroll down a little farther and click play. I have also linked Roberta Flack to her version of the song, for those of you who are more a he person than a she person. Go ahead! Sit back and listen to some sweet, sweet music.



12 responses to “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Johnny Mathis

    • Yes, they most certainly are. Our memories are the story of our lives and without them, we would not know who we are. You are very welcome. I hope you will be back to my blog as I will be posting more music along the way.

  1. I am tripping out! I had a console just like that when I was a teenager, although I could have sworn mine had an old 8 track player instead of a cassette. What a blast from the past. I loved that thing, It was my great uncles and was given to me when he past away, along with boxes of records from days before I was born.

    So cool.

    By the way, I have heard the name Johnny Mathis before, but I don’t ever remember hearing any of his songs, although Killing Me Softly is obviously something that has been covered repeatedly, I wasn’t aware he sang it or there was a “he” version.

    I really loved the other three songs. Wow.

    Thank you for sharing this post. I’ve been listening to this music while reading tonight.

    Great stuff, You have good taste. 🙂

    • Hi!
      Thank you! I am so happy that you enjoyed the songs, especially since you have never heard him before. Do you still have your console and all those records??? Wow! I think I will go online at some point and see if I can find one. It was definitely one of my favorite pieces of furniture back in my early childhood days. And now that you mention it, I am not sure if my mom’s had an 8-track or a cassette, but I do remember the records! I will see what other music I can conjure up in my memory and get some posted in the next week or so.

  2. PS, ours had a tv, too. We watched Sonny and Cher, Carole Burnett and Hee Haw on it. Now, guess how old I am!!!!

    • Ha-ha! Yes, those and Donny and Marie, Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters, and being the sap I am, Little House on the Prairie and the Waltons! Eeeeew, I know, but I really loved those last two. I used to daydream that I was born during those times. I can guess your age, but can you guess my goof level? =)

  3. OMG, we had that same console, I swear! And we played Herb Alpert on it as well as ol’ Blue Eyes and Mr. Mathis. And Nat King Cole…but Johnny is the cat’s meow, gay or not. I’d still throw my panties at him.

    • You are so funny and that is why I love you! Yes, Johnny was magnificent and he brings back the Good memories. How could I not agree with you? And that console! I so wish I still had Mom’s or could find one like it–I would buy it for sure!

  4. You do know Johnny Mathis is gay, right? If you haven’t already, you should read “Role Models” by John Waters. Hilarious. Love Johnny Mathis!

    • Hi Chris! =)
      Just finished my second semster at Penn State, on the Dean’s list again. Just sayin… No, I did not know that Johnny Mathis was gay, but all the better! How are you doing? I Still miss you!
      -Cindy XO

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