“I’m Not Lost, Just Weird”

Yesterday, I spent the day with my bestie watching movies and relaxing, which was really nice and something I really needed. As a result, I did not write anything to post yesterday, so as you may guess, I am very eager to write some things today. Fortunately for me, and for you, I chose to do some reading first. I read some posts from about a dozen or so blogs, and then I ended up on I’m Not Lost, Just Weird. This is a blog I visit often because the author and my dear Zen friend posts some amazing things and if you are looking for food for thought, I would say to put her at the top of your list. Seriously!

Ok, I read her latest post, was appalled at the ridiculousness of some of her followers…hey! I am just telling it like it is, but if nothing else, they just gave her some new material for another great and honest post! After I made a comment and said what I had to say, I decided to click on one of her “categories” entitled Koffee Klatch and was first very intrigued by post titles. As I read one after another, I was hooked and it was with great pain I pulled myself away so I could write this post and give all of you the link to her blog, a most honored treasure. I so selflessly share this magnificence with you and hope you enjoy reading her very clever thoughts and arrangement of words as much as I do.

No excuses! I have provided direct links to her blog, I’m Not Lost, Just Weird, and to the category I am raving about, Koffee Klatch, twice now in the same post. Just click and start reading. How sad for you if you don’t.



8 responses to ““I’m Not Lost, Just Weird”

        • Glad to hear it! If I was gone by choice, your picture would have been quite accurate, however, the reality is that the end of the semester got a little hectic and I needed to prioritize. I will tell you, and you will be the first on my blog I tell, my semester GPA is a 3.92 and my overall GPA for my first year at Penn State is 3.83. That is not too shabby and I am quite pleased with myself! =) Though I will be looking for a job and then eventually working, I will not be attending classes during the summer, so I will have so much more time to write. I will try not to drop off the grid again without posting why and for how long. =)

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