Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico; I love the way that sounds when I say it out loud, especially when I can roll the r’s correctly. I have never been there, but would not be opposed to putting it on my bucket list. So, of all the many countries, why Puerto Rico for this post? The main reason is to give recognition and honor this little country for being the 50th country to visit my blog. This visit occurred on March 25, 2012. I couldn’t be happier that out of the many countries that have come before it, after it, and have yet to visit my blog, Puerto Rico was the 50th.

Here again, is another interesting little tidbit about me I am going to share with all of you. Though my parents divorced when I was about 10, and both of them led very different lives from then on, what is interesting is their marriage, at least to me. My Pappy, who is also my mother’s father, was stationed in Puerto Rico at the time my mother was in her senior year of high school. My father, also in the Air Force at that time, was stationed in Puerto Rico, and as luck would have it, their paths crossed. The luck is because years later I was born into this world and, well, aren’t you glad I am here? Of course you are! Anyway, at some point, they both returned to the states, my father to Michigan, and my mother…I am honestly not quite sure at that time. Could have been Alabama, her birth state, Tennessee, where my grandparents lived for a while when I was just a wee-little baby, or Florida, though I don’t think that came until later. Again, I cannot be sure of some of the details, only the ones I remember being told. Once my mother and father decided to be married, they thought since they met in Puerto Rico, they should be married there as well, and so they were.

Here is another part that I am semi-guessing and semi-calculating logically. I know I was born four years after my parents were married, which was in February of 1971. My guess would be that the year they were married was in 1967. I want to say that I remember their anniversary to be September 30th, but the problem with that memory is I also remember that date being the end the fiscal year for the Air Force, where my mother worked until her untimely death. My sister and I used to make posters and cards for her that said “Happy New Year” that she would find on the kitchen counter when she returned home from work, usually just before or just after midnight. She was a budget analyst and it was that date that the budget had to be closed out for the year. It meant many extra hours and late hours, so we would celebrate the finalization of that with the hand-made tokens of love and appreciation. Am I am confusing one date for the other or did it just so happen to be the same date for both? Maybe if my sister reads this post, and if she knows the details any better, she can comment the corrections.

My whole point is, Puerto Rico was the 50th country to visit my blog, was where my parents were married, and incidentally, I watched West Side Story for the first time last night. If you have never seen it, the significance is that the West Side Story takes place on the west side of Manhattan, New York City, and is set in the mid 1950’s, when many Puerto Ricans moved to NYC. It depicts two gangs in the city; the Jets are from Manhattan and have ruled their “turf” for years, after defeating the Emeralds. The Sharks are from Puerto Rico. They have just recently come to NY, and want a “turf” of their own. Apparently, the West Side Story is a modern-day adaptation of the timeless classic, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare. They both involve two young people who fall in love, but are kept apart by their friends/families. This causes grave consequences (West Side Story).

All in all, thank you, Puerto Rico, for visiting my blog, for leading to my existence, and for your part in a wonderful, albeit sadly tragic, musical!


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