I Won’t Give Up

My mother never gave up on me. Sure, there were quite a few years that we didn’t speak a word to each other, but that was my doing, not hers. While I was on drugs and sleeping on the street, my mother had no idea where I was or if I was even alive. She didn’t judge me; she only prayed for me, and patiently waited. On that first phone call, after five or so years without any, my mother was happy, relieved, and so genuinely grateful to hear from me. Her love never waned and her prayers may very well have been a huge part of what saved me.

My mother passed away almost three years ago now, but I truly believe she still watches over me, prays for me, and still has not given up on me. I miss her terribly, but I find comfort in the fact that, though she was only 61 years old when she died, she did have a full life. Her children were safe, happy, and successful; she had five grandchildren whom she adored; she had attended an extended family reunion just months before; she celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary a month before that; she was successful, very loved and respected, and enjoyed her career; she was very involved and deeply content in her church; and she had many loyal and dedicated friends. There was nothing left undone, and though her passing was sudden, unexpected, and tragic, God chose just the right time to bring her home to join her own mother and sister.

I have learned many things from my mother, and her not giving up on me was one of them. I not only will  not give up on myself, but I will Never give up on my two sons, Jeremiah and Zachariah. I love them so very much and today, in honor of Mother’s Day, I dedicate this song to them both.


4 responses to “I Won’t Give Up

    • Thank you very much! I am so glad you are following! I love your blog too! So much information and history that I may otherwise not have ever known. I love music and to read about some of the inspiration and meaning behind the songs and the artists is a real treat!

  1. This is such a beautiful post to read! To imagine what you’ve gone through and to witness what you today ackomplish – you are a true inspiration.

    You really did have a wonderful mother and she passed on great values to you, which you now practice, live by and are passing on to your own children.

    Take care dear Cindy *hugs*

    • Thank you! I originally meant this to be a very short post. I had planned on saying that my mother never gave up on me and that I will never give up on my boys, then dedicate the song to them and leave it at that. However, once I started typing, a lot more about my mom came out that I expected. I am glad it did too. 🙂

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