Angels for Sara—reblogged

I recently started following  A Life Less Scripted, and the first post I read on her blog was titled Angels for Sara. A horrible thing happened to a very kind woman and the effects are still haunting her and her family. I am all for awareness, so I am reposting this for all my blog followers to read. Though I have been in a situation where my district Manager’s husband touched and tickled me inappropriately and made me extremely uncomfortable, and I was not fired, but quit because of it, I cannot even begin to fathom what poor Sara is dealing with and having to face on a daily basis. Please, please read this short post written by Karen and reposted from her blog, A Life Less Scripted. If anyone can help in any way, whether it is monetary, legally, in the form of helping her find work, or affordable counseling, or, like Karen says, just kind words and genuine support, please do so!

Sara, a business associate of my husband’s, was raped by her boss a couple months ago. Hubster found out about it because she posted a link on her Facebook page asking for help. He sent me the link and said, “You remember Sara. She’s the one who gave C the little blue sunglasses and outfit when he was born.”

Yes, I remember Sara. Sara, who always asks about the kids whenever she comes into Hubster’s office. Sara, who has 3 kids of her own and a huge heart. Sara, who cares so much about other people, even total strangers.

I can’t believe this happened to Sara.

Sara reached out to her friends on Facebook because she doesn’t know what else to do. She lost her job and has been struggling to find another job since, even though she is barely emotionally able to function. Her utilities are in jeopardy of being cut off and her rent is behind. She’s trying to be strong and wants to protect her 3 children from what happened to her. She is lost and scared and hopeful and praying.

Her story is heartbreaking and tough to read because it’s so real. It’s not professionally edited. It’s sometimes hard to follow because she wrote it under duress. Her pain is raw and she’s trying so hard to be strong.

Sara needs angels. She needs people who can spare a little money, who can give her encouragement and who can help her make sense of what she’s going through.

Please read her story. Please help in any way you can. Not everyone can help financially but prayers and words of encouragement are free. Share this link or the MicroGiving link with everyone you know. Please be one of Sara’s angels.

You can send her encouragement through the MicroGiving site or email her directly at feefer1979 at hotmail dot com.




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