Brilliant and Bravo!

On May 14, 2012, a brilliant essay, Marriage is a Fundamental Right in a Free Society, was posted by Tori on Fork in My Eye (a blog that is among those I read most, because of its amazing content!) I do not believe I have read anything before, and so far, not since, that gives such a clear and objective perspective. There is little more I could add, so without further ado, here it is, reblogged from Fork in My Eye.

Today, I am hosting a guest writer for whom I have great respect.

He is a retired Navy Captain, a Vietnam vet, a student of American history, an engineer who spent thirty years building warships, and a fiscal conservative who believes in limited government and a strong military. Based on this, you might entertain certain preconceived notions about his other beliefs. You would likely be wrong. He is a man of great integrity who has always taught me that education, tolerance and compassion are the keys to maintaining our American way of life. See for yourself. Here’s an enlightening essay from my dad:

Social philosopher F. A. Hayek said “A free society is a pluralistic society without a common hierarchy of particular ends.” It should matter not to each of us whether our neighbor is a Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, atheist, agnostic, or free-thinker. It should matter not if a couple is of the same-sex. What matters is that s/he not infringe on the free choice of others. In order to achieve that free society we have established laws to protect our fundamental rights as established in our Constitution and the 14th Amendment.

Unfortunately some States, North Carolina being the most recent, have passed laws banning same-sex marriage. That may be due to ignorance, bigotry, a lack of education, a religious belief or some combination of them. It matters not. What matters is that they have elected to impose something as a rule of law that is counter to our fundamental right of free association.

Tolerance is a virtue. It is also a necessity in a free society. Our freedom means that we must tolerate what others believe whether we agree with them or not. We need not agree on every aspect of our lives in order to live peacefully with one another; however we should accept the actions of others so long as they are peaceful.

Compare this to socialism or fascism. Those systems require a single hierarchy of ends; the collective decides which ends will be pursued and which not. One’s particular ends must be subordinated to the priorities of the State or collective. The result is not the peaceful disagreement and tolerance of good order, but rather fighting over the reins of power in order to achieve one’s ends at the expense of others. Instead of a society where everyone wins, we have a society where the State wins and many of us lose.

Our society should be one where we may pursue anything that is peaceful; it should be limited only by our ambition and our respect for the rights of others. States that pass laws banning same-sex marriages are infringing on a fundamental human right. They are continuing us on a trend where our social environment is becoming less free and more controlled by the State.

by Tori on Fork in My Eye


4 responses to “Brilliant and Bravo!

  1. I also agree with the fork. I think tolerance is fundamental to peace, totally, in all contexts. Toleration of crimes and brutality, not so much. Perhaps understanding where such behavior comes from (we can do that, and sometimes we do that so deeply that we’ve ignored the victim). So tolerance regarding issues that we don’t understand, absolutely, tolerance of cruelty, no tolerance for that. We’re all on this planet to support one another, not squelch one another.

    • It is such a simple concept. It blows my mind how many people can’t grasp it. One thing I remember my mother telling me is that when you point a finger at someone, you are pointing three more fingers back at yourself. We are all flawed in some way and that is a very good thing because that is what makes us human and individual. Those who judge are no better than those they judge.
      How are you doing, Mel? Did you have a good weekend? 🙂

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