One More Lesson About Bullying

Here is a wonderful clip I first saw on Hearts That Care. I want to post this for all to see, not just for the great sound of magnificent voices, but as another way to bring awareness about the wrongfulness of being judgmental and bullying. Listen to the pre-interviewing that takes place with Jonathan and hear what cruel words have done to him. And then listen to the words of Charlotte and the example she is to those who hear her perspective and the difference it made in Jonathan’s life. Finally, stick around to hear the two of them sing and see for yourself that no matter what wrapping we come in, there is something beautiful and awe-inspiring in all of us, if only we take a moment to stop, look, and listen.


9 responses to “One More Lesson About Bullying

  1. I saw them on TV and they were EXCELLENT! It was marvellous to see the reactions from the judges and naturally I shed some tears because their performance was so incredibly beautiful 🙂

    • Yes, if Simon’s snotty, pissy, bad attitude of someone can be changed to the look of shock and surprise and a smile, that is where the real message is. I agree, their performance was like nothing I have ever heard!

  2. CIndy I followed these two, the only programme I have been watching in entertainment on our TV.. along with the ‘Voice’. Jonathan along with many more are bullied, and its so good he has a good friend in Charlotte~
    I wish I could stamp out bullies, my son too was bullied when in school.. and never told me until he left school many years later.. Arrgh it explained many things which I maybe could have helped with had I known..
    I hope that those who are bullied find it within themselves to speak out and name those who are such cowards who feel they need to control another this way..
    Thank you for highlighting this Cindy..
    I hope you have had a good weekend. ~Sue x

    • The more I learn about bullying, the more I wonder if my youngest son was bullied when he was in school. Some of the common signs are things I remember seeing in Zach throughout the years, and yes, it would have explained a lot. If nothing else, this has taught me not to be too quick to judge and assume, but to take some time to consider other possibilites and to really listen. I am very proud to say that my oldest son was one to stand up to the bullies when they attacked others. Not only did he stand up to the bully, but he would befriend the victim. This didn’t just happen once or twice, but countless times. He would come home from school and say to me, “I just don’t understand why kids have to be so mean. It is just stupid.” Little by little, a difference Will be made! 🙂

    • Yes, and bullying is one of those things that just make me angry, so I post about it when I can to raise awareness. It is so unnecessary! And it accomplishes nothing but negative and destructive outcomes. I hope this post makes a difference to at least one person.

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