I’m Not the Only One

We have all heard and love Jon Lennon’s song, Imagine. How could we not? I mean, it’s John Lennon and it’s a feel good song with an equally good message. I have written many posts in regards to bullying, gay rights, and even freedom of religion, and I feel this song puts it all into a very clear perspective that really cannot be argued. The question is, though we may not verbally argue John Lennon’s lyrics, do we argue them through our actions?

Do we judge others for their choice of religion or for making a choice not to recognize any religion at all? Do we discriminate against those who are gay or of a different  race, or disabled? Do we, no matter how seldom, berate, belittle, or rebuke others because they have made a mistake, are not as smart as we are, or are just not getting the point we are so desperately trying to convince another person is the right way of thinking?

Think about it. Really think about your own opinions, thoughts, and actions. Do you see your fellow (wo)man as your equal? Is it only your partner or spouse that you see this way? Or maybe the people at work or in the class, the people in your church or in your community, or the varied social groups you belong to? Do you treat others with a different color skin or an accent or a foreign surname as an equal in the human race? How about those with disabilities, whether they be physical, mental, or both? Could you, would you be their friend or cringe and walk by, being tolerant, but escaping quickly?

You may say I’m dreamer. Are you a dreamer too? Can you imagine? And what are you doing in your life to bring this imaginative world to a reality?


10 responses to “I’m Not the Only One

  1. My only standards for judging people is “are they close minded” and “are they willfully stupid”.
    Other than that, I try not to judge. Hard sometimes. But I do try.
    Great tune!

    • And that is something. Give yourself credit for your efforts. It is so much more than a lot of people do. No, it is not easy, we are only human, but if we are aware and make the effort, we are on the right track! 🙂

  2. This is a lot to think about. I think we tend to be more compassionate to people we feel a common connection with but sometimes those connections aren’t obvious. It takes a conscience effort to look beyond surface differences to see another’s heart.

    • It is true that it takes a conscience effort to look beyond the surface, but I also believe it takes some self reflection. My mother always said, when you point a finger at someone, you are pointing three back at yourself. Sure, they may not meet our standards, but we should ask ourselves, do we meet theirs?

    • Thank you. The message has been around for a long time, so I am just passing it on in my own words. It may be a slow process, but if one person gets something from it and makes a change, then at least it is making progress.

  3. I was just thinking about this topic today. I am on a MISSION to be aware of every time i start to judge. I know i’m hard on myself, but i’ve noticed that i can “do” this judging thingy by simply walking down the street … stupid stuff: Looking at an “ill-fitting” pair of jeans and thinking, “tight enough”? Well, hell, it’s none of my business, and perhaps tight suits her/him fine. I know how it hurts to have people judge me (besides myself, that’s my prerogative) ;-), and i DO care about people … but judging … it makes me crazy!!!! It only hurts and angers others (and degrades your own karma). OH, and I LOVE JOHN LENNON. Although, some people claim he wasn’t exactly a sweet guy. Also, sometimes i question the idea that we are fighting for “this or that” cause by “taking away” from another cause. I don’t agree with those tactics either. I’m wandering. xo mel

    • You’ve got it! I don’t think a lot of people realize how often we judge or how easily we do it. Whether it is seemingly harmless, and even when we keep our thoughts to ourselves, we still begin to develop a habit that eventually will be displayed outwardly and we may not even realize it. None of us are perfect and if we can remember that then we can see that one person prefers to wear painted on jeans and we may prefer to wear baggy jeans. Our choices are different, but that does not make them right or wrong. You know? Thanks for your heart felt insight!

    • Hi Tawnja!!! Thanks for following my blog. I had no idea that you get my posts via email. I am so glad you enjoy them! How have you been? I am so sorry I have not been on fb for a while and haven’t contributed much to the discussions, but I have been getting pulled in more directions than I have body parts. LOL I will try to pop in a little more often. So happy to hear from you! XO

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