Whoo-Hoo, But Dangit!


Is it possible to be happy and excited and be disappointed at the same time? I think it is. Let me tell you why. Yesterday when I woke up, I saw that I had 270 hits on my blog. I was so excited! I immediately checked my email to see if I had been notified that I had been “Freshly Pressed,” but there was not a message to that effect. So, I went to the freshly pressed page and looked and looked, but again, nothing. During this time, I had another 50 hits on my blog. I was confused and couldn’t figure it out. There had to be a reason. I clicked around my blog a bit and discovered that the hits were coming from StumbleUpon and that the post that was drawing all the attention was my post, The Hilarious Nag Song.

By day’s end, I had accumulated 643 total hits to my blog in one day’s time! My biggest week to date was 707 hits, but all this in one day? How very cool! Yet, at the same time, I felt very disappointed. I, like everyone else, have been, and apparently still am, waiting for the day that one of myposts is chosen to be freshly pressed. I thought yesterday was that day, but unfortunately for my ego, it was not. I suppose the bright side to this is that I still have something to look forward to, yes?

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12 responses to “Whoo-Hoo, But Dangit!

    • Yes, I really do, and that is just as exciting as if/when it happens. Anticipation can be sweet. I try to remember that being freshly pressed will be like Christmas. That morning will come, but then eventually, the let down of it being over. I just like the idea of more exposure and potential future followers. I have a lifetime of blogging ahead of me, so I am in no hurry. It will happen when it is meant to happen.

    • I believe it will. And it will be the right time. The disappointment has passed and my eagerness for the future has returned. I already have some of the best followers, so I really cannot complain!

  1. I think I am in the dark as to what freshly pressed means… lol.
    I like to watch how many hits I get… it is crazy from where the hits come from. I have had a couple people contact me because they were googling the name of my sons abuser and came across my blog… it is third down on google search if you google his full name. I love it. He will never escape the abuse he inflicted. Nowadays everyone googles people.

    • Hi! Freshly Pressed is when WordPress features one of your posts on their home page and as a result, your site stats climb through the roof, even into the thousands on a sigle day, and people who do not follow you are checking out your blog when otherwise they may never have. If you have ever checked out the freshly pressed and clicked on any one of the stories, you will see that that post has 200-400 likes and as many as 100 or more comments. The best part is, you gain new followers that way.
      I am so glad that google is serving you justice to some degree. I cannot even imagine how many people click on that third spot and are made aware of of your son’s monster. Exposure is a huge part of justice and healing. Congrats to you for that!

      • AhhhhHaaaa… the is freshly pressed. How do we get such honors?? LOL.
        Yes… the exposure to that monster is some justice, as small as it is…. it does feel huge to me. ♥

        • I am not entirely sure about that. My understanding is that they are somewhat randomly chosen, but it is suggested that the title be catchy and that there is not any negativity to any groups, such as racial, gay, or religious. Also proper credit given to graphics, quotes, and other information.
          Third listing on google is no SMALL exposure, I assure you. It is much bigger than you can imagine! Did you know that some of the top spots in a google search are there because a fee was paid? Yeah, a few hundred dollars and you can have your post closer to the top of a search. You got there from being most often clicked on, so yeah, that is a really big deal!

        • That is exciting! I wasn’t exactly sure how the google ranking thing worked… and now I do.
          Hmmmm, now…. how to get freshly pressed. LOL

        • To be perfectly honest, I do not understand why you have not Already been freshly pressed! Your blog posts are beyond worthy of that status! What is wrong with WordPress?! 🙂

  2. Congrats on being picked up by stumble upon!
    And as someone who was fp’d, in the end, I thought it was more of a pain in the but than anything else.

    • I can imagine, especially if you are one to answer all comments made to your blog, which I try to be. The main thing I would hope to get from it is more followers. My day will come when it is supposed to, but being stumbled was a good thing too!

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