No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1974

Moving right along, we are now to my third birthday, February 15, 1974. First and foremost, I am quite surprised that this song, The Way We Were by Barbara Streisand, came out in the 70’s. I did not realize how long it has been around. I have always loved this song and was eager to post this one today, but then I took some time to listen to it again and again. There is a certain sadness that this song now gives me, because I realize I can relate to it now in a way I never could before. It is still a really good song, but just a little pain that lingers after listening to my truth in it.

The reason I loved this song so much before my recent revelation was because I enjoy the softer side of Barbara Streisand’s powerful voice. In this song, she has a sweet and soothing tone.

Please, enjoy and have a marvelous day!


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