The Duck That Broke My Camera

The original photo

Seriously, it was because this duck flew barely three feet above my head to the other side of the Olympic size pool and landed in the water, that I hurriedly removed my camera from the zip-lock bag I had it in to keep it from getting wet, zoomed as close as I could, and snapped a picture. I then sat for a few minutes, astonished at the fact that in spite of the small children jumping into the water beside and over the duck, he remained, unruffled, in the water as if it was his own private pool. Eventually he hopped up on the side, waddled down a few feet and then headed to the grass, very casually, and behind a bush, out of sight. Once he was gone, I turned off my camera and replaced it to the bag and out of the sun.

When I returned home to show Cherie the picture, I turned it on and it began to focus in and out of zoom and made an awful noise, finally shutting itself off. We tried several times to turn it on, but to no avail. Fortunately, I was able to upload the few photos I had on the card, and is why I can post them for you tonight. 

A cropped close-up

I already feel quite lost without my camera. Sad. Oh! I know… Has anyone bought a new camera lately and would be willing to donate their old one to a poor college student? I would be forever in your debt! 



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