Tree Beauty

I love these red trees, but I am super frustrated because I cannot identify what kind of tree it is. I had thought it was a red Maple, but it does not have maple leaves. Next I checked red Oak, but again it has different leaves than the oak. Some can grow to be very large, but since I have been in Pennsylvania for less than a year, I am not very certain as to what trees are most common here in this North Eastern state. One of my favorite trees when I lived in Oregon was the Purple Plum Tree. The leaves do look very much like those of a plum tree, but I have been told there are not any plum trees in Pennsylvania. Can anyone help me out?

Here is another tree that caught my eye. I saw these just outside the hospital in Danville, Pennsylvania. I did not get the top of these trees in my photos, because it was the trunk, or more specifically the bark, that was what fascinated me. Once again, being new in Pennsylvania, I have not a clue what kind of tree this is. Do you?

I was standing on my deck and just pointed my camera straight up into the trees that are closest to this side of the house. After many months of these trees being so bare, I am still in awe at the beauty of the bright green that now clothes the branches.

This little tree is on the side of the house I live in and I just love it. Granted, it is not the best picture, but it is a tree that I really enjoy seeing everyday off the side of my deck (which would be to the left of this picture).

This last photo was also taken on the grounds of the hospital in Danville. I love the many shades of green, the variety of trees and bushes, and the little dabbles of color that are also seen here. The sky was becoming stormy, so some of the light was dimmed, which I think actually helped capture more of the true colors.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these beautiful tree photos. I had a great time taking the pictures and then seeing them in larger view on my computer. I have yet to replace my camera (more on that in a future post), but I do have quite a few more photos I will be posting, so stay tuned!



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