No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1978

I have to be quick about posting this today. I am leaving for New York in about 15 minutes. The number one song on my seventh birthday, February 15, 1978, was Stayin’ Alive by the Bee Gees. It is a good song and I hope you all enjoy it. Since I do not have time to say anything about it specifically, please feel free to tell of your experiences, your memories, or any other information you may have to share about this song in a comment. Thank you all so much and I will return either this evening or first thing tomorrow.

Have a musical day!


5 responses to “No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1978

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  2. We’re into my obsessive-Billboard-Top-40 period now! I remember Stayin’ Alive very well, and also the other BeeGees songs that became popular around the time of Saturday Night Fever.

    • I didn’t really start to enjoy music beyond the country genre until adulthood, so this is a lot of fun for me. It is defining what music I enjoy and what I don’t. This was a good one, I agree!

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