Just Me, #11

My Guardian Angels
Cherie (left) and Mary (right)

Hi Everyone!

I have so much to tell you that I should not have waited so long to write this. I actually have a list here beside me, so I do not forget a single thing. For the few of you who glance at my Billboard posts (and thank you for that), you may have noticed I posted today’s and tomorrow’s yesterday. I want to push on ahead, as these posts are clearly killing my stats, but again, I must finish what I started, so they will continue. And for those of you who do not know yet, my camera broke. The first time I mentioned it was in a reply to a comment. El Guapo, the commenter, then gave me a couple of websites that would help me troubleshoot the problem I was having with the lens. I tried every suggestion, but it still is not working. Thank you El Guapo, for taking the time to help me out! To get it fixed will cost more than a brand new camera, so a new one is what I will get. Of course, it may take a while for me to save the funds to make the purchase, but I will get it as soon as I can.

The sun has been coming out and shining beautifully more and more, so I have spent a little time clearing out the weeds and fallen leaves from our peace garden. We took large rocks from the property and formed a peace symbol, planting some things around the inside border of the symbol. That was last year and we had a late start, as Cherie was still recovering from almost dying twice last summer; once in May and again in June. Severe respiratory troubles was the cause, and the reason she quit smoking. Cherie just celebrated one year smoke-free on June 5th. I am so proud of her! In case you are wondering, Cherie is my best friend and roommate. Mary, who I also write about and will at times in the future is Cherie’s partner of 12 years. They are both incredible women whom I love and adore. More about them in another post.

Though life is full fo things that cause stress, since taking a break from school, my stress has been on a much milder level. I still worry about bills and miss my kids, and at times, I wish I could go back to my previous medication, but I have been feeling really good lately and am learning some things about getting through those depressed days more quickly and with a little effort on my part. Oh! I have also finished one of the books I was trying to make time to read, Rubyfruit Jungle. It was a good book, but lacked a lot of what I had expected, so it left me a little disappointed. Since finishing that one, I have started reading The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger. It will be a rare occasion when I write a review on what I have read. This book may give way to one of those occasions, but it is too soon to tell.

The boys are still doing ok. Jeremy was to go into Job Corps on the 19th of this month, however, budget cuts has caused a delay of another possible two months. He is bummed about that, but has gone to stay with his father and step-mother in the meantime. They have bought him some clothes and a couple of pairs of new shoes and he has been seriously hitting the pavement looking for a job. Zachary is really growing up. He just turned 15 at the end of May and though we are thousands of miles apart, I am feeling closer to him than I ever have. His trust in me is growing and he is seeing that I am on his side and will be there for him in any way I can. He will be coming to visit me this summer and I cannot wait!

I have some very sad news, but will write about it in a separate post that I will hopefully publish today, but first I must verify a few of my facts. Until then, I also have good news too. Actually, several things. First, something that is important to me, is that after more than a year of my sister, Ginger, and I not talking, we are talking again! This makes me so happy! She is my only sibling and it is a very lonely world when we don’t talk. I sent Ginger an Easter card and she sent a text saying thank you and that it meant a lot to her. She had missed me too and was glad we were putting our differences behind us.

Ginger graduated high school a year early, went to college right away, and through her educational journey, she got married, and had two of her three kids. She passed the bar exam on her first attempt. Only 25% of those taking the bar exam pass it the first time around, so yeah, she is pretty damn smart. After working for the prosecutor’s office, and having her third and final child, she opened an office with one other lawyer and they were pretty successful for over five years. With the crash of the stock market, things began to get tight. A few more years and she finally had to close her office and return to the prosecutor’s office. Ginger gave her resignation last month and is in the process of opening her own web-based scrap-booking business. She has been all over the United States to countless scrap-booking conventions, and almost made it to Greece for the World Convention. Until now, it has always been her hobby and passion. I am so happy that Ginger is biting the bullet and attempting to venture out and turn her into a business and I believe she will thrive. As soon as her site is set up and ready for business, i will post the link on my blog and nag you all to click and check her talent out. 🙂

My second bit of good news is that tomorrow, I will be taking my driver’s test and getting my first driver’s license since 1998. Unbelievable, yes? I am so excited, and quite nervous to be honest, but I have practicing and hope to do well enough to pass. Originally, I let my license expire because I was such a wreck after my divorce, and I was by then with Sherry (my ex) who drove me anywhere I needed to go. Then, we were eventually without a car and I rode the bus or train, so a license wasn’t necessary. Yes, my license was suspended for six months at one point due to my drug addiction, but that has long been lifted. I continued to either ride the bus or let Sherry drive, so I never felt a need to get a license, until now. Cherie and Mary both have cars, so I will have a vehicle to use when I need it, or more often, when they need to go somewhere, I can and will help with the driving. With my current financial situation, I am in no hurry to get a car of my own. That will happen when it is meant to happen.

And now for the good news you have all been waiting for. Drum roll please… On Sunday at 10 AM, I will be starting my new job! Yes! I have been hired at Burger King. Hey, giggle all you want, it is a job and it pays a paycheck and I am perfectly content to be employed right now, even at Burger King. It is one of those jobs that I can go to, work, and then leave and not have to take home with me or worry about. I am now employed, can pay my bills, help with some of the bills here, and save up for Zach’s visit sooner than later. And, yes, of course, I will be making that camera purchase also! Yea me!!!

Ok, that is all I have for now, until I can post my sad news. Though the news is sad, the post will be filled with happy, so don’t get discouraged. Now, tell me, how are you doing?

Thank you all for your support and wonderful pictures and writings. Being here on my blog is one of my favorite places to be, and you all are part of the reason.



4 responses to “Just Me, #11

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  3. Congratulations on the job!
    Very cool that your sons step mother is supportive, and that you’re talking to your sister again.
    Hopefully the good news outweighs (or makes more bearable) the bad.

    Sorry about the camera, but hey, you have a new toy to look forward to!
    good luck on the drivers test. Make sure to adjust the mirrors!

    • Thank you so much! I passed the driver’s test! And the job is going well. Both of my sons are hanging in there and my sister and I have been sharing photos back and forth over our phones and emails. I am shocked by how beautiful my niece is becoming! And yes, the camera is number one on my list of things to get after I buy plane tickets for my youngest son to come visit me. Hoping I can find some cheap! Airlines have been jacking up the cost of flying and I will be very disappointed if Zach can’t come see me. Cross your fingers for us, ok?

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