No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1992

On my 21st birthday, February, 1992, the number one Billboard hit was I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred. I love this song, and FYI, I am reaching a point in which I believe this to be coming true for me. Look out! LOL This song has not lost its popularity over the years. I have sung this many times in my mind while working or doing some task that I want to be finished with. As I say, music makes everything better.

Aha! But wait! The year 1992 was also when my first son was born. His day of birth is July 14, 1992, so I have decided to add the number one hit on the Billboard chart for his birthday as well. On this day, the number one hit was Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-a-Lot. Now, we are really getting into the music of the 90’s. For those of you who choked on the 1980s top hits, maybe this is more to your liking.

First I will post mine and the second will be Jeremiah’s. Kick back and enjoy some really good music from the early 90s!


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