No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1993

Here we are at my 22nd birthday, and half way through my lifetime’s number one hits. On February 15, 1993, the number one Billboard hit was I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. I, personally, am so happy to be posting more of Whitney Houston’s phenomenal voice. And this song in particular, well, that will take up quite a few pages to comment on this song, so I will just say that I love the song and it has deep meaning for me. I am sure I am not alone.

Jeremiah’s first birthday, July 14, 1993, was the day that SWV made it to number one on the Billboard chart with their song Weak. I am unfamiliar with this artist and have not heard this song before now. However, I bet my son has heard it and knows a little about this and other artists like them. Anyone with a little information or trivia is welcome to share it in the comments. I always enjoy learning more about the popular music out there.

I know you will all enjoy Whitney’s song, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the second song as well. It is time for me to pull out the tissues, so if you will excuse me…


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