No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1999

Here we are at the close of the century. The last birthdays any one of us will have in the 1900s. Can we go out with some great hits? Hardly!

February 15, 1999, the number one Billboard hit on my 28th birthday was Angel of Mine by Monica. Sorry folks, but this is just not my choice of music. For those of you in which it is, I invite you to enjoy.

May 28, 1999, the number one Billboard hit on Zachariah’s second birthday was Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin. I began to listen to this song and thought I had not heard it before, until it got to the chorus and I remembered. This was a fun song and I think still is if in the right mood. What do you think?

July 14th, Jeremiah’s 7th birthday, the number one Billboard hit was If You Had My Love by Jennifer Lopez. I think it was the media that squelched my interest in  Jennifer Lopez. I did see her a movie once, don’t remember which, but it was one with Ben Affleck, and at one point, I did think that some parts of her were and some parts of her not so very sexy. Oh, yeah! She was also a lesbian in this movie. Any one willing to venture a guess or a bona fide certainty of what movie I saw? I also saw her perform and sing and dance on a TV show once (American Idol, I think) and she sang the song in her native language. That was beautiful. Other than that, she doesn’t interest me, and I got as far in the song as when things go from a ballad to insanity.  Wow! I am much pickier than I thought when it comes to music; that or I am a much older soul than even I believed.

At any rate, here are the three songs for you to check out, judge, discover, enjoy, or what have you. Cheers!


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