A Necessary Prelude

I have been posting reflections of others in recovery. I would really like to post the reflections of my roommate and best friend, Cherie, who will celebrating 35 years clean and sober tomorrow. Hers is, like on of my own reflections, a story from beginning to just a few years ago and spans about 46 Word document pages. For this reason, I would have to post her story in about ten different posts.

The main reason for this prelude is that she has been through some very ugly things in her life, in which she goes into detail. She also uses a lot of strong language that is not suitable for children. Actually, the entire story is not suitable for children, so each of these ten posts would be marked with a warning about its contents.

Now that I have put this out there, I would like to know, would you be interested in reading the story of an amazing woman and all that she has endured and overcome? If you would like me to proceed with this, in spite of its somewhat unsavory content, please like this post. If I feel there is enough of you interested, I will post the first entry next weekend.

In my opinion, it is definitely worth the read and will at times blow your mind and at others inspire you like never before. I look forward to the voting and hope I get to post her story!


3 responses to “A Necessary Prelude

  1. Oh YES, you know i want to hear E V E T Y T H I N G !!!! Hi, you … btw, i was just reading something you wrote to me, and i can’t find it now … freakin’ iPhone … one touch and my email goes into archives or some inter-twilight-galactic space-land! Anyhow … it was so touching … and btw, i adore you too! And i can’t wait to read about Cherie. 35 years clean and sober! Mighty fine !!! a day at a time. xo mel

  2. There’s a line from the Indigo Girls’ track “Get out the Map”: With every lesson learned a line upon your beautiful face – Cherie’s face is a map of beautiful experience, even though those experiences must surely have been heartbreaking and horrible. Please post her story. Every lesson is a trial for someone.

    • Thank you. This is very encouraging and I agree with you. People can gauge how they are doing and take the experiences of others with things that have worked for them to become stronger for their future and to become wise and be able to pass on valuable information. I have decided I will definitely post her story, but since today is her Big 35 Year Clean and Sober birthday, we will be going for a steak dinner to celebrate. I may try to post the beginning tonight, if time, allows so that you all can get hooked and wait on the edge of your seat for next weekend to get here. Lol

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