Some Early Sketches






























Fruit and Wine




















Cherie, my Inspiration



My Sketch











What do you think? I would really love to view your comments and I would prefer that you be honest rather than nice. As you can see, I am not good at sketching people’s faces. I have more I will post in another post, which are more full settings than a single item. Yikes! I better post this before I change my mind…


3 responses to “Some Early Sketches

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  2. You are very talented, you should be selling these, or maybe working for an advertising agency or teaching art,

    • You are so kind. If I had the time to work on my art on a regular basis, i may consider selling some, but I just don’t right now between working full-time and school starting next month. So far, it has been a me time, me therapy type of activity that I enjoy. Who knows what the future may hold? 🙂

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