Color Pencil Drawings








These drawings are very old. They have been slid in and out of a paper bag; in to store them and out to show them. As a result, there are some faded spots, but you can see the picture in spite of them. The first of this post, the bird, I gave to my dear friend, Twyla, years ago when I first got clean. She loved it dearly and hung up beside her bed. Unfortunately, just last year, she lost her battle with her addiction and died of an overdose. I have written about her in my post, Reflections of a Recovering Addict, #3, just days before I got the news. I intend to write about her in much more detail in a future Reflections of a Recovering Addict.

One of these seven drawings I have redone in a painting. If you have been following my blog, you may recognize which one it is. Anyone want to venture a guess? The last of these drawings is in the process of being turned into a painting, but I have not had time lately to work on it. Someday, when I do finally finish the painting, I will, of course, post a picture of it here on my blog.


3 responses to “Color Pencil Drawings

  1. I am sorry to hear about your friend who had you beautiful bird. The pictures are lovely, and i always look at art and FEEL the person. I do feel you in these. Art seems to pop up for many of us ex-addicts as means of speaking. I love all artistic endeavors for that reason. When i’m “stuck” i feel strangled. THERE ARE THOSE DAYS, yes? And very recently.

    I am behind on reading about your friends. I am going to devote a chunk of time to read their stories and thank God that i am alive and no longer an addict.

    Death is quite the option if addiction is not managed. I know that for sure, and i KNOW you know. I love you dearly my friend. Keep up the art. I apologize that i cannot pick out which lovely piece of art is now a painting. Love, Melissa

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