No. 1 Billboard Hit, 2000

This will be my final countdown post for this weekend. It is getting late and I need to eat dinner, shower and wash my uniform for work tomorrow. If time allows, I will come back and post one more thing that is not the countdown.

February, my 29th, the Billboard hit was I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden. This song is not too bad. I do like Savage Garden, so I am not too displeased.

May, Zachariah’s 3rd, the Billboard hit was Maria Maria by Santana feat. Wyclef Jean /The Product G&B. I do remember that Santana was a big deal during that time, but again, I was not a fan. Ho-hum. This is getting to be less and less fun, but I will finish what I started.

July and Jeremiah’s 8th had a better number one Billboard hit which was Everything You Want By Vertical Horizon. I remember when working at my second job, Dunkin’ Donuts at that time, hearing this song over and over. I came to like it and it has been a long time since I have heard it.

Here are the three songs for you to enjoy.


No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1999

Here we are at the close of the century. The last birthdays any one of us will have in the 1900s. Can we go out with some great hits? Hardly!

February 15, 1999, the number one Billboard hit on my 28th birthday was Angel of Mine by Monica. Sorry folks, but this is just not my choice of music. For those of you in which it is, I invite you to enjoy.

May 28, 1999, the number one Billboard hit on Zachariah’s second birthday was Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin. I began to listen to this song and thought I had not heard it before, until it got to the chorus and I remembered. This was a fun song and I think still is if in the right mood. What do you think?

July 14th, Jeremiah’s 7th birthday, the number one Billboard hit was If You Had My Love by Jennifer Lopez. I think it was the media that squelched my interest in  Jennifer Lopez. I did see her a movie once, don’t remember which, but it was one with Ben Affleck, and at one point, I did think that some parts of her were and some parts of her not so very sexy. Oh, yeah! She was also a lesbian in this movie. Any one willing to venture a guess or a bona fide certainty of what movie I saw? I also saw her perform and sing and dance on a TV show once (American Idol, I think) and she sang the song in her native language. That was beautiful. Other than that, she doesn’t interest me, and I got as far in the song as when things go from a ballad to insanity.  Wow! I am much pickier than I thought when it comes to music; that or I am a much older soul than even I believed.

At any rate, here are the three songs for you to check out, judge, discover, enjoy, or what have you. Cheers!

No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1998

Nineteen-ninety-eight was a hellish year for me. This is the year I finally left my alcoholic, abusive husband, and the same year I became involved in an equally toxic, though I did not learn this until later, relationship with my ex of whom I spent 13 years with. This is the year I began using meth, the exact date, to be quite frank, was on June 11th, which was also the day before my father moved to Oregon, the state where I was living at the time, after he retired. He chose to move across the country to be close to me and my boys after having escaped the danger that my marriage had become. Yeah, so this is probably not the time or the post to be sharing this with you, so don’t be surprised if I include a repeat of this paragraph in a future post. Now, onto the purpose of this post—the music.

My 27th birthday, February 15, 1998, and the same day I left my ex-husband, the number one song on the Billboard charts was Nice and Slow by Usher. I, under the circumstances just shared with you, was obviously not listening to much music, so I had not heard this song until years later. Again, Usher is a favorite of my boys and so I have heard several of his creations, but could not tell you one from the other. I cannot say that I do not like this song, because the truth is, I really do. It is not something I would have chosen to post on my blog due to its risqu’e lyrics, as I do try to keep my blog as clean and respectable as I possibly can, but it is the hit of that particular birthday, so in keeping with the spirit of this series of blogs, I will post it. Moving on…

On Zachariah’s first birthday, the number one Billboard hit was My All by Mariah Carey. Again, Mariah Carey with her very unique, talented, powerful, and heart-stopping voice! I am so happy this was the hit on my baby’s first birthday. Nothing left to say about it. Just listen as many times as you like. You are more than welcome to remain on my blog for the remainder of the day! J

On Jeremiah’s 7th birthday on July 14th, the number one hit on the Billboard charts was The Boy is Mine by Brandi and Monica. I can assure you that I do not believe my son would like this to be the hit of his birthday, but on the other hand, I do believe he likes the artist’s of this song. The song itself is one that I remember thinking, ‘How ridiculously childish and silly?’ the first time I heard it, and have always changed the station every time after that it came on the radio. Of course, you have to understand that a boy is not something I would be fighting over or for. Now, if they were fighting over a woman, then of course, I may have a different opinion of this song… LOL

No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1997

I’m back, continuing this long process of countdown’s for the birthdays of myself and now, both of my sons. Once I have finished with this little series, the only music I will post in the future is songs I truly love and want to share and that have deeper meaning to me than its place in history on each of our birthdays. So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

On my 26th birthday on February 15, 1997, the number one Billboard hit was Unbreak My Heart by Toni Braxton. I love this song and have related to it in my recent past. The video does seem to tell the story of the lyrics in this song, but the truth is, Toni Braxton wrote this song in regards to her autistic son. When you can to listen to it in that context, this song is a real heart-breaker.

Now, I would like to introduce the number one song’s for the date of May 28th, the day my second son was born in 1997. On his date of birth, the number one Billboard hit was MMMBop by Hanson. I have never heard this song until yesterday.  I am quite honestly not sure what to think of this song. It is not bad, but it is not something I can get excited about. Anyone else have any comments about this young and talented girl?

On Jeremiah’s 6th birthday, July 14, 1997, the number one Billboard hit was I’ll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy and Faith Evans featuring 112. Great song, great rhythm, and words I seem to live by on a daily basis. Is this a remake or remix or whatever they call it? It seems I have heard this song before with Puff Daddy’s twist on it. Does anyone know?

While you click and listen, I will quickly get the next years post written and posted. I do not want these to be the only posts I publish before the weekend is out.

No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1995

Ooooo! I don’t know where these came from, but I am not impressed at all. Apparently, in 1995, for both my birthday on February 15th and Jeremiah’s birthday on July 14th, TLC had number one hits on the Billboard charts. For my 24th birthday, their number one hit was Creep and on Jeremiah’s 3rd birthday, their number one was Waterfalls. I have not heard either song before this post and both of them, in my opinion, are awful. The lead singer seems to be singing below her range and as a result, it sounds dull and is painful to listen to. I may be the only one who feels this way, so I will still post both songs, but my feelings will not be hurt if any of you choose not to listen.

Wow! Who makes these decisions anyway? Whoever did for this year seriously made at least two mistakes! Yuck! Sorry…

No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1994

Here it is the weekend again and i am back to do some blogging. Something came up last weekend and I was pulled away from my computer long before I was done blogging. Let’s see what I can accomplish this weekend.

February 15, 1994 was my 23rd birthday and the number one Billboard hit was The Power of Love by Celine Dion. I remember this song well as my (ex)father-in-law loved this song and played it again and again. I, too, thought it was a beautiful song and through this one, I came to love much of Celine Dion’s other music. Several years later, she was one of my favorite artists and is still today someone I enjoy listening to.

July 14, 1994 was Jeremiah’s 2nd birthday and the number one Billboard hit on that day was I Swear by All-4-One. Hmmm… There is a lot I could say about this song, but I will keep it to a few comments. First of all, this group of men have very nice voices and harmonize well. It is a good song, but I am not sure that it should have been number one against many others that could have been more worthy. And finally, today when I listened to it again, I realized that it made me a bit sick to my stomach. Why? Well, I could say that I no longer believe in love, but that is not entirely true. I do believe in love because I have undoubtedly experienced love on this level and much deeper. Maybe I should just say that I do not believe this kind of love exists for me. Just when I think I have found it, it is quickly and without warning yanked out from under me and I am left standing alone.

Yikes! Ok, it is just a song and this is not about my bitterness, but about its own history. So, it was number one in July of ’94. I will first post Cline Dion’s The Power of Love and then All 4 One’s I Swear.


No. 1 Billboard Hit, 1993

Here we are at my 22nd birthday, and half way through my lifetime’s number one hits. On February 15, 1993, the number one Billboard hit was I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. I, personally, am so happy to be posting more of Whitney Houston’s phenomenal voice. And this song in particular, well, that will take up quite a few pages to comment on this song, so I will just say that I love the song and it has deep meaning for me. I am sure I am not alone.

Jeremiah’s first birthday, July 14, 1993, was the day that SWV made it to number one on the Billboard chart with their song Weak. I am unfamiliar with this artist and have not heard this song before now. However, I bet my son has heard it and knows a little about this and other artists like them. Anyone with a little information or trivia is welcome to share it in the comments. I always enjoy learning more about the popular music out there.

I know you will all enjoy Whitney’s song, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the second song as well. It is time for me to pull out the tissues, so if you will excuse me…