Top Recent Commenter Award

PRESENTINGThe Top Recent Commenter’s Award! This award is a little different from the norm. Instead of awarding others for their own blogs, you will be giving recognition to those who visit your own blog regularly, take the time to really read your posts, and provide you with feedback via their comments. The nominations are the easiest part. You should nominate the six bloggers who comment most frequently on your blog. How do you know who does this most often? Good question!

You will find your Top Recent Commenters on your site stats page on the bottom, right corner. If you do not see this, click on the Screen Options in the top, right corner and be sure that “Comments” is checked. If you are good about responding to every comment, then you will be the first one in the list. It is the next six commenters on the list that you will nominate and pass this award to. But wait! You may nominate one more person. This person can either be a brand new commenter on your blog, the very last comment you have received (most recent), or the one who has posted your most favorite comments. This seventh nomination is your choice, but please do tell us why you have chosen them as your seventh.

The rules are relatively similar to most other awards, but the questions will be a bit more personal so that we may get to know YOU a little better. The rules include thanking the one who passed the award to you and linking them back to your post; nominating your six top recent commenters and one more blogger of your choice, and notifying them of your appreciation and their award, and then answering the questions that follow:

      1. Tell us about one of your most cherished childhood memories.
      2. Tell us about one of your most cherished memories with your child(ren). If you do not have children, then share one of your pet(s). If you do not have pets either, then one with niece(s), nephew(s), or any combination thereof.
      3. Tell us one thing you have learned from one or both of your parents that has stuck with you throughout the years.
      4. Tell us one thing that you have taught (or intend to teach) your child(ren) that you are hopeful will stick with them throughout their lifetime.
      5. Tell us about your favorite job, whether it is one you hold now or one from the past, and why you enjoy(ed) it.
      6. Tell us what you are doing in pursuit of achieving an attainable goal.
      7. Tell us about one person who had the best influence on you in your life (teacher, neighbor, friend, etc.).

NOTE: To Anyone and Everyone who is reading this, I have one small problem. I am not computer savvy, and though I have tried, I have been unsuccessful at superimposing “Top Recent Commenter Award” onto the graphic that accompanies this post. I would appreciate any help I can get. If you are able to accomplish this task, so that I may come back and edit this post with the actual award logo, please do help. Thank you in advance. By the way, do NOT include this message in posting your award.

My Top Commenter Nominees are:

      1. Kellie @ Kellie See has recently posted 16comments. Thank you, Kellie!
      2. Eric @ Written Words Never Die has also posted 16 comments. Thank you, Eric!
      3. “Coach” @ Mystery Coach has recently posted 13 comments. Thank you, “Coach!”
      4. Carla @ Seasons Change, and Change… Has recently posted 11comments. Thanks, Carla!
      5. Dolly @ allaboutlemon has recently posted 9 comments. Thank you, Dolly!
      6. Dr. Angela @ A Kiss of Bliss has recently posted 7 comments. Thank you, Dr. Angela!
      7. Tasi Alabastro @ Kreen of the Crop posted the very first comment on my blog on 01/01/12. Thank you so much, Tasi!


Not only are these wonderful men and women great commenters, but they have amazing blogs just as worthy of your comments, so please, do go read some of their posts and don’t forget to comment!

On a final note, if you are interested in what my answers are to the questions above, you will just have to wait until I am one of a future nominee’s top commenters!