Scrap Jammies


Ladies and Gentlemen! May I please have your full and undivided attention? My super sweet, highly-intelligent little sister, Ginger Cooper, has launched her online company,, and is now open for business! What is her company you ask? It is a scrapbooking site that not only offers supplies, but lessons on how to create your own unique scrap book, a few pages at a time. has several kits to choose from (at very exceptional prices) and a new kit is introduced each month. These kits are called a “Inspiration in a Box,” because there are directions, samples, and all the supplies you need to create several pages at a time. You can pick and choose your kits and order them as often and as many as you like, or you could sign up and become a member in which each month the newly introduced kit will be sent directly to you!

Ginger at ScrapJammies

“The top three reasons more people do not scrapbook are: not enough time, not enough money and a lack of creativity. We eliminate all of those obstacles!!” It really is true and is as simple as that. Whether you are an avid scrap-booker or someone who is just trying to figure out what to do with all of those cherished photos piling up in boxes under the bed, is definitely the right place for you.

Men and women alike can do this in a very short amount of time. It is also a great project to work on together with your kids. Want to give a unique gift? Create a scrapbook with photos of your family, your friends, memorable events, and fun vacations. Or give a kit as the gift at a bachelorette party or a baby shower. Need something to entertain all those kids at the slumber party? Snap a bunch of photos and let them make their own memory of a fun-filled night. There is no limit to the many possibilities and if you are still unsure how to go about something you have in mind, just ask!

Please, go to and check out what is in store. Be sure to click on their blog and read some great postings that will give you even more information. If you glance over this post and think, I will come back later and check this out, but then you cannot find this particular post, just look to the right of my blog Home Page and find the link right under the group of my most recent posts.

I know I can count on a lot of you to at least go and check the site out. For that I Thank You All so much!

Happy Scrap Booking!


CoolPix Cool Pics

Pink Flowers (did not go with any of the colors I have previously posted–it stands alone)

Purple Flowers

Lovely Statue in a Neighbor’s Yard

A Different Angle

The Man Who Lives in a Tree

A Close-Up

Drainage Tunnels–they make such great photos!

Again, with a closer view

A Tree in my Yard with Blooms

Getting Closer

Isn’t it Pretty?

Kid and Dog Toys on the Front Deck


Just Me, #13


It is, once again, the weekend, and I have some time to blog. So far, since starting my job, I have been bombarding you with Billboard posts, leaving little, ok—no time—for any other posts. This weekend, i am going to do the reverse. I will post some good stuff and, if time permits, I will throw in a few Billboard one’s. Fortunately, there are only twelve more to go. I honestly cannot wait until I am done with them. It has not been turning out to be as exciting, interesting, and fun as I thought it would. Please forgive me and do not hold it against me.

I have already posted the colorful photographs I had taken with my camera before it broke. I have a few more pics from that camera I want to post, some of my early drawings that really motivated me to try to be artistic, and hopefully, I will be posting a Prelude to a future guest blogger in recovery.

But first, let me catch you up on some great things. First, last Saturday, I went to volunteer in my community at a food bank. It was very rewarding and I actually had a lot of fun. I spent the entire 3 hours with a sort of goofy perma-grin on my face. I put together boxes for large families, stocked the shelves of donated food items, and broke down cardboard boxes. You must know that I have been on the other side of the food bank many times in my life and I truly loved being a part of getting things together for other families in need, knowing how much relief it really can add to a household of hungry people. They only operate the first Saturday and the first Wednesday of the month. Since I have to work during the same hours on Wednesdays, I can only help out on the Saturday, so intend to continue to do so each and every month.

After the food bank, we went to the flea market, as I may have mentioned, and I brought only eight dollars with me, as it was all I had. They had a lot of really cool stuff and I did real well by controlling my impulse buying. I did come across a great deal I could not pass up. A man was selling his digital camera, a Nikon CoolPix 3200 for only $5. He said it worked, ran on double AA batteries, which were in the camera, and he turned it on for me. I thought it was worth the risk of $5 and bought the camera. When I got home, I put my photo card into it and it said that the photo card I had installed could not be used for this camera. Mary said she will buy me one that can be used, so stay tuned to find out if my bargain was a true bargain or if I got duped!

Jeremiah Smiling

Today is Jeremiah’s 20th birthday! I can hardly believe that I have been a mother for 20 years! I love and adore him so much and am deriving great pleasure from seeing how much he is growing and maturing and discovering life. He will attend his half-brother’s wedding on August 8th and then head off to Job Corps, finally, on August 14th. He is pretty excited about it and hope that he can follow this program with going to college full-time. I am so proud of my baby, I cannot even begin to tell you! And isn’t he such a handsome man too?

I will conclude this post with some very good and happy news and leave you with something to look forward to. We have decided to get a new puppy and between the three of us, have spent hours online looking for a puppy to adopt. Long story short, we found one! She is a rescue dog who has been re-homed to us. She had to leave her previous family when they learned that their precious two-year-old daughter was allergic to dogs. She is six months old, a Sheppard mix with a mostly blond coat. They believe that she is mixed with Terrier, but are unsure. Her family gave her the name, Madison, but Cherie has renamed her Tallulah Barkhead. She is very friendly, playful, and just loves people. I have taken a few pictures with my phone camera, but they did not turn out so well. Cherie has also taken some with her phone camera and they came out SO good! Once she posts them to her Facebook page, I will snag the best ones and post them here for al of you to see. She is absolutely beautiful and I love her so much already!

Ok, I must say to you, good day, as I have some other things I want to post and must also make some time to play with my new puppy and take her for a walk to explore. Have a wonderful day, weekend, and rest of the week. By the way, i will also take some time to catch up on comments and read some of y’alls most recent posts.


Red, Blue, Orange

A Yard Candle

Brick Wall. Orange or red?

Red Flowers in the Sun

Toddler’s Basketball Hoop

Little Blue Boat

Blue Glass

U.S.Mail Box

Scarecrow in our Peace Garden

My Blue Tongue after eating a Blueberry Popsicle. 🙂

Orange Bowling Balls

Orange Reflector

Orange Sign

Orange Flowers

Orange Flowers, a Wider View

A Brighter Orange Flower

Dead Moth in a Parking Lot

A Fun Miniature Picture

Tree Beauty

I love these red trees, but I am super frustrated because I cannot identify what kind of tree it is. I had thought it was a red Maple, but it does not have maple leaves. Next I checked red Oak, but again it has different leaves than the oak. Some can grow to be very large, but since I have been in Pennsylvania for less than a year, I am not very certain as to what trees are most common here in this North Eastern state. One of my favorite trees when I lived in Oregon was the Purple Plum Tree. The leaves do look very much like those of a plum tree, but I have been told there are not any plum trees in Pennsylvania. Can anyone help me out?

Here is another tree that caught my eye. I saw these just outside the hospital in Danville, Pennsylvania. I did not get the top of these trees in my photos, because it was the trunk, or more specifically the bark, that was what fascinated me. Once again, being new in Pennsylvania, I have not a clue what kind of tree this is. Do you?

I was standing on my deck and just pointed my camera straight up into the trees that are closest to this side of the house. After many months of these trees being so bare, I am still in awe at the beauty of the bright green that now clothes the branches.

This little tree is on the side of the house I live in and I just love it. Granted, it is not the best picture, but it is a tree that I really enjoy seeing everyday off the side of my deck (which would be to the left of this picture).

This last photo was also taken on the grounds of the hospital in Danville. I love the many shades of green, the variety of trees and bushes, and the little dabbles of color that are also seen here. The sky was becoming stormy, so some of the light was dimmed, which I think actually helped capture more of the true colors.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing these beautiful tree photos. I had a great time taking the pictures and then seeing them in larger view on my computer. I have yet to replace my camera (more on that in a future post), but I do have quite a few more photos I will be posting, so stay tuned!


The Duck That Broke My Camera

The original photo

Seriously, it was because this duck flew barely three feet above my head to the other side of the Olympic size pool and landed in the water, that I hurriedly removed my camera from the zip-lock bag I had it in to keep it from getting wet, zoomed as close as I could, and snapped a picture. I then sat for a few minutes, astonished at the fact that in spite of the small children jumping into the water beside and over the duck, he remained, unruffled, in the water as if it was his own private pool. Eventually he hopped up on the side, waddled down a few feet and then headed to the grass, very casually, and behind a bush, out of sight. Once he was gone, I turned off my camera and replaced it to the bag and out of the sun.

When I returned home to show Cherie the picture, I turned it on and it began to focus in and out of zoom and made an awful noise, finally shutting itself off. We tried several times to turn it on, but to no avail. Fortunately, I was able to upload the few photos I had on the card, and is why I can post them for you tonight. 

A cropped close-up

I already feel quite lost without my camera. Sad. Oh! I know… Has anyone bought a new camera lately and would be willing to donate their old one to a poor college student? I would be forever in your debt! 


Yellow, My Favorite Color

I find it interesting how the focus in this photo is on the background and not on the flower. Unfortunately, I am not sure  how I accomplished this, but I do like that it is different.

Though I did begin this yellow photo theme with plants and flowers, I found myself drawn to other yellow items along the way. I am currently experiencing a malfunction with my camera or I would have quite a few more photos for this post. That is ok. I can always post more photos later. I just love the bright, cheerfulness of the color yellow! Don’t you? Here is what I have so far…

Believe it or not, this is the lone half of a plastic Easter egg. It was just sticking out there on the side of the road and I couldn’t resist snapping this photo. Not one of the best, but it is yellow, after all.

This last photo concludes my yellow post, until the next one that is. Before my camera stopped working, I was working on a few other color themes. Red, blue, and orange, but I have too few photos to post them yet. I may post blue next, and I may wait until I get my camera working again so I can add a few more shots to the post. I hope you enjoyed the yellow!